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High-Speed Train Passage to Give Continuous Internet

Rail travelers can shortly enjoy continuous connectivity of Internet with the Railways all ready to integrate chief trunk routes with mobile communication system of high speed. This will also assist in keeping an eye on the assets in real-time apart from guarantying direct communication among station masters and loco pilots and gangmen on condition of tracks.

Believed as one of the sectors important for altering rail operation, the state-run transporter will be installing the high-speed Internet communication passage at an anticipated price of Rs 5,000 Crore via PPP model. Presently, the Railways have been utilizing wireless tools for functional applications. It has set up GSM-R networks on chosen routes for functional voice communications between train controllers and train drivers.

“Now we are making strategy from Global System for Mobile Communication Railways to transfer to Long Term Evolution Railways technology, for generating train communication corridor that will be high speed in nature,” claimed a Senior Official of the Railway Ministry’s Telecom and Signal Wing.

The high-speed Internet corridor targets to back different trains as well as safety operations along with train management systems apart from providing passengers with broadband service. Nowadays, travelers wait for unremitting connectivity of Internet at stations or while travelling by train. The system shall fulfill all these requirements of travelers by installing dedicated broadband system next to the railway tracks, claimed the administrator.

The high-speed Internet communication network would permit the railways to have the coming mobile train wireless communication among crew of the trains and the control office for safe train processes. It would also enhance travel ease of travelers by offering multimedia information in real-time and authorization to social networks on the go or in stations.

It is anticipated that once applied, the passage will not only assist in keeping an eye on the assets in real-time, its management and maintenance, but will also assist the Railways to offer upcoming mobile train wireless communication among crew of the trains and the control office for safe train processes. The Railways has applied the mobile train wireless communication system on 2,541 Km of path and additional work on 3,408 Km of path is in full swing.

Apart from keeping an eye on the assets, it would offer an enhanced journey experience and traveler comfort such as video on demand, onboard Internet access, or other entertainment.

For now, all we can see a step closer to make the country more digitalized.

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