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Here’s How to Use Technology to Get Las Vegas-Ready

Planning a trip to the entertainment capital of the world? You can improve your time in Las Vegas if you use some top tech to get you ready. Whether you plan to gamble the night away or take your kids to see the city’s sights, take a look at these tech tips so you can make the most of your Las Vegas getaway.

How to Use Technology to Get Las Vegas-Ready

Download Vegas travel apps

Chances are you’re traveling with your iPhone or iPad – take the best travel apps with you on your vacation to Las Vegas. Most of the city’s top hotels have their own apps, so if you’re staying at The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, the Wynn or any other major casino, you probably want to download the app.

The app Vegas Mate includes maps by street, satellite or casino and links to current weather and news, someone many travelers find beneficial. Another app that can help your trip go smoothly is Viva Las Vegas, Baby! The app arranges everything alphabetically, so it’s easy to see the available shows and their prices, hours of operation of local businesses, prices and reviews.

Up your game before you hit the Strip

Before you leave your hotel room, make sure your game is on par. Prepare yourself so you’re mentally ready for the casino by knowing that you can’t walk everywhere. You don’t want to arrive at a casino, winded and tired and frustrated that you walked two miles down the strip. The strip is four miles long, and the hotels are much further apart then they first appear.  Don’t be afraid to use Uber or Lyft to get from point A to point B.

It’s also smart to go easy on, or avoid alcohol altogether. It’s tempting to drink before you sit for a game of roulette, but drinking will lower your inhibitions and distract you, making it more likely for you to lose big money.

Learn the games you want to play

Before you head to Sin City, learn the games you want to play so you feel confident. Practice by online gambling or watching live action in an online gaming room. You can learn a lot by watching someone play Black Jack or craps.

Another excellent option is to look online for casino games guides. You can find guides that help both novices and seasoned players gain new insights on games and learn methods you’ve never tried before. Guides can help you perfect your game to make Las Vegas more lucrative for you.

Select a Las Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas is a well-known city in the United States, with 40 million tourists visiting annually. The city offers dozens of hotels for visits to choose from, which can make it tough to decide where to stay. To help you make your decision, consider the location of the hotel on the strip and your budget. Choose your hotel based on the primary reason for your stay, as well. Use hotel apps like HotelTonight to find unsold rooms at a reduce rate.

If you’re bringing your kids on the Las Vegas vacation, the Palms and Orleans hotels offer child-care facilities for parents who want to enjoy some activities without children in tow. The Four Seasons provides an array of kid-friendly amenities, from cribs to video games. If you go without your kids or want to talk to those back home, there are still ways to travel without falling out of touch.

A trip for Las Vegas is often one you’ll remember forever. If you prepare by knowing the cities ins and outs and utilize these insider tips, you will get the most out of your Las Vegas vacation.

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