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Travel Anywhere in the World without Falling Out of Touch

In the year 2016, it’s nearly possible to travel anywhere in the world without falling out of touch with the people back home. This may not be possible if you’re deep within the Amazon Basin or in remote parts of the Sahara Desert. But generally speaking, if you are in a peopled area of planet earth, there is a way to achieve instantaneous communication with the important people in your life, wherever they happen to be. You can do most of these things with a normal cellphone, no longer limited to the range of your home nation’s borders. Here’s how.


NobelCom. If you wish to travel light, or don’t want to risk losing your smartphone overseas, NobelCom is right for you. These are old school prepaid phone cards that work for many nations all over the planet. If you don’t mind taking along your cell phone the NobelApp can give you the same kind of freedom, without having to keep track of physical cards. These are great gifts for travel lovers in your life, as well, and it’s easy to restock your call time anywhere you have service. NobelCom is international freedom made easy, bringing together the instantaneous convenience of phone communication with the reach and power of the internet.

SIM Cards for GSM Phones. GSM phones, and some unlocked/jailbroken alternatives, make it possible to make local calls anywhere in the world, just so long as you replace your home-nation’s SIM card with a local SIM card. This is a favorite technique of travelers who need to make frequent calls and don’t want to be charged huge dollars for international roaming. People who regularly move between lots of countries can have as many SIM cards as it takes to call as they like, and new cell phone plans are making it easier than ever to achieve savings for internationally fluid people.

Face to Face Apps. Apps like Skype and Google Voice make it easy to communicate with your loved ones without using the networks of traditional telecom companies. This requires the people you are speaking to to be a bit more technologically savvy than the average person, but you can likely teach your mom everything she needs to know to see your face and hear your voice while you are in France. There are new options popping up in this sphere all the time, so make sure you check out what other travelers are doing. You’ll have to have a strong connection to make this work, but that’s possible in more places in the world all the time.

There are more great ways than ever to talk with the important people in your life, wherever you happen to be. It’s so easy, in fact, that the main thing you’ll have to worry about is time zones! It’s easy to reach just about whoever you want, and have a voice to voice conversation. Just make sure that they’re awake when you call. We hope these tips are helpful. Of course, you’ll have email and social media as well, but that should be obvious. Happy talking!

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