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Accessories for Your Smartphone

So you’re the new proud owner of a brand new smartphone! The first thing to do before you get too attached to your phone is to buy all the necessary accessories. You may be wondering why accessories are necessary before you can begin all the fun of your new phone but if you want to get the most out of your new friend you need to have all the fun stuff that goes along with it. Check out this list of all the must-haves and enjoy shopping!


A Case

You definitely want to have a great case for your new phone. It will be easy to find a cute one that matches your personality, especially if you have an iPhone, but don’t just think about looks. Make sure that whichever case you choose can handle the use and abuse that your phone may be going through. If you are notorious for breaking phones you may want to check out a higher end case such as an Otterbox or Lifeproof case. Although these can be pricey they are worth it to make sure that your phone is protected! After all, a case is much cheaper than replacing a phone. If you’re worried about the cost check out Groupon as they have deals on cases all the time! Not just this, you can also go on to check Caseface to choose a case of your choice from a range of iPhone cases.

Travel Cord Organization

If you travel, even to and from work, a travel cord organizer is a must. Otherwise, your cords will tie together and waste your time getting them untangled. Using a form of cord organization is smart and effective.

A Phone Wallet

If you plan on using your phone on the go a lot it is good idea to invest in one of these. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes from cheaper quality that is made to be replaced often to nicer ones that will last the life of your phone if you’re careful. You can find nice leather ones if you shop at Fossil and if you check out the Fossil Groupon page you’ll get a great deal with a coupon or promo. These will help keep your phone from getting misplaced and also give you further protection from drops and falls.

Bluetooth Headphones

If you want to be able to use your phone hands free these are a must. This is the new face of bluetooth and gone are the days of having a roach looking thing sticking out of your ear. These are much more discreet and stay in your ears better and more comfortably. Whether it’s for music or phone calls these are sure to make your life easier. Any kind of phone that you buy nowadays will be bluetooth enabled and pairing it will be super easy so anyone can figure it out. Check out your phone retailer for these or check out Groupon for another awesome deal on these!

These accessories seem like a lot and you may be wondering about the cost of all of these combined. The most important accessory is for sure your case and maybe a screen protector to go with it. The others can wait until you have the money but if you stay on the lookout you’ll definitely find great deals on all of these!

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