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Here Are Some Smart Backpacks That Are Great for Travel

Not every travel bag is created equal. Some offer plenty of storage, while others sacrifice the storage for more secure, or better looking styles. Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, but that’s a good thing because it means you can find one that best matches your needs.

Smart Backpacks That Are Great for Travel

The same can be said for smart backpacks, including the convenience features they offer. You wouldn’t think so, but they include features that are great for travel, and also help make your experience less stressful. A lot of them, for instance, include built-in portable power packs so you can charge your devices in a pinch. This is great if you forgot your wall charger or even an outlet adapter while in a foreign country.

Here are some of the best smart backpacks you’ll find, right along with the promising travel features and support they can provide.


Right off the bat you’ll be happy to hear that the TYLT smart backpack is TSA-friendly. It has a total of six different charging pockets — that’s right to charge various gadgets — and about 1,450 cubic inches of storage space.

The pockets are spaced in a way that no matter what you store, it will be easy to remove. That’s incredibly useful when you’re in airport security and trying to juggle removing gadgets, shoes, items in your pocket, and more.

TYLT also has a 10,400 mAh battery tucked inside, with 3 available USB ports. There’s an NFC tag in the shoulder strap, a laptop compartment (up to 15 inches), and a complete cable management system.

This thing will definitely make your packing or travel experience better.


Travel isn’t always about, well, conventional travel. You may be spending more time outside backpacking, camping or even doing something like biking or kayaking great distances. That’s where the Lifepack comes in handy.

It has a large power bank within that is juiced up via solar power. A panel on the front collects all the necessary energy to keep this thing active, and works the minute you step outside. Obviously, optimal charging conditions will apply — if it’s cloudy or something the panel will charge much more slowly.

It also includes built-in Bluetooth speakers you can use to play your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks — even in the wild. A protective rain cover will ensure none of the electronic components nor anything you have stored within will get wet.

There are a few secret pockets and hidden compartments too, great for concealing your valuables and payment stuff like credit cards or cash.

ECEEN Daypack 

The Lifepack is great for general outdoor activities and, well, living your life. The ECEEN Hiking Daypack, on the other hand, is definitely better suited to true outdoor activities like hiking, camping and long outdoor trips.

What makes it better? On top of a power bank that is chargeable via solar — foldable and removable 3.5 watt solar panels are included — it has multi-purpose LED lights built-in. You will never understand how much you need light — or maybe you do — until you’re out in the wilderness without some. Even just a little glow can be incredibly helpful in a pinch and this bag offers support right out of the box.

There are three lighting modes to choose from: low and high brightness, as well as an SOS/Emergency flashing mode.

Of course, the bag itself is durable, made of a cotton polyester and denim hybrid fabric. It looks great too and includes plenty of storage space for all your trail mix and spare socks.


Visiting a new city or place where you’ll be doing a lot of walking? All these smart backpacks sound great, but really you’ll prefer to have something that helps alleviate the load you’re carrying. The Sosoon backpack uses an innovative design to balance the weight of everything stored within, so much that it eliminates about 20 to 25 percent of the stress on your back and shoulders.

It also includes a USB port and built-in charging cable that you can plug into a portable power pack — though for this bag you’ll have to supply your own.

More importantly, it is tear-resistant, water-resistant and has some great anti-theft features like hidden compartments. To top it all off, it’s super affordable so it can definitely fit within a tight budget, unlike some of the other smart backpacks on the list.

Choose the Bag That’s Right for You 

There are some great bags here, certainly when it comes to “smart” modern features that go beyond your average backpack. Whether you want extra power for your devices, lots of storage for your laptop or big gadgets, or even a little light out in the wilderness, you’ll definitely find something here.

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