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Create New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

There is nothing as important for a business owner or marketer in today’s world as it is about generating new leads. Growing your leads and email list is vital for survivability in a world of cut-throat competition. In the startup environment where market disruptions have become a constant you need to relentlessly generate new leads to be at the top of your game. While it sounds a tough ask with the right marketing strategies you can improve your odds. As a marketer you would have tried every trick in the bag so far but have you tried lead quizzes? It has emerged as powerful weapon in every marketer’s arsenal and can help you grow large email lists fast.

New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

Why Is Your Email List So Important?        

 It has been time and again said that money is always in the list. If you are able to generate leads and grow your email list you can easily stand ahead of your competitors. The more you reach users’ inbox higher is the chance of conversion. Let us see few stats that summarize the importance of lead generation and building your email list –

  • 3 billion people are likely to use email by 2020
  • Lead quizzes and interactive content can help improve lead generation by 500%
  • Over 60% users love receiving promotional emails
  • More than 30% of marketers see email lists important for customer retention
  • Email marketing results in 30:1 conversion and is the cheapest marketing strategy

All these point towards a common direction – email marketing is very important for every business and it perfectly complements other marketing strategies such as social media marketing and search engine optimization. This is where Lead Quizzes help you grow your email list.

 Lead Quizzes             

Users are always intrigued by online quizzes and this is the reasons everyone from Amazon to your competitor tries them as a part of the marketing campaign. With gifts and giveaways to be won your target audience won’t mind sharing their emails and other contact details. Lead quizzes can be divided into two categories –

Trivia Quiz            

Trivia quizzes or knowledge quizzes test your users’ knowledge. A question is followed by multiple answers users move to the next question after seeing if their previous answer was correct.

New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

At the end of the quiz you can offer them a success score – Here’s are some examples with correct answers in bold –

New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

Where is Gold Coast? 

  1. a) Australia
  2. b) New Zealand
  3. c) South Africa
  4. d) New Zealand

Which is the longest river in the world? 

  1. a) Amazon
  2. b) Ganga
  3. c) Nile
  4. d) YangtzeNew Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts
    You should select questions that are easy and would engage users more. Remember you aren’t testing their knowledge in real terms just looking to increase the scope of engagement!

    Personality Quiz  

    These follow the same pattern as trivia quizzes with the major difference being that there are no wrong answers. The idea here is to segregate users based on their personality traits for targeted marketing. Since they let marketers understand the user better they are preferred over trivia quizzes.

    New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

    At the end of the quiz you can separate users based on the outcomes. Let’s take a look at some examples of personality quizzes

    Let us assume you are starting with three outcomes –


    1. a) User is looking for a premium phone
    2. b) User is looking for a mid-range phone
    3. c) User is looking for a budget phone


    What do you look for most in a phone?


    1)         Specs and features

    2)         Value for money

    3)         Usability

    New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts 

    Are you ‘brand-conscious’? 

    1)         Definitely

    2)         Matters sometimes

    3)         Never

    Do you mind paying the top dollar for better features? 

    1)         Never

    2)         Can Stretch my budget

    3)         My budget is fixed

    Questions such as these can easily help you segregate your audience. In the example above Users who choose ‘A’ in most cases are looking for Premium Phones with the best specs and features and you can send them marketing emails offering them the best of choice. Similar is the case with people who choose ‘B’ and ‘C’ and match the outcomes.  It is important for you to keep in mind that the outcomes need to have positive air around them and make your users feel happy.

    New Leads Using Lead Quizzes For Better Marketing Efforts

    Summing up lead quizzes is a great way for you to grow your email list. If you are planning a highly targeted campaign you should opt for Personality Quizzes whereas trivia quizzes are easier to create and manage. Both these marketing strategies promise you great returns and you must explore every possibility with them. 

    Author Bio:          

    Mark Gill is a writer and marketing expert. He specializes in interactive content and spends most of his time online looking out for new things and implementing the best possible solutions for his work. He constantly explores trends in content marketing and uses them to increase engagement and ensure success. He has always strived for perfection and is surely on the path to achieve it.


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