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Healthy Eating Habits by Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan

Health is Wealth by Dr Patwardhan.

Dr Mahesh Patwardhan gynaecologist by professions gives following healthy eating habits which are necessary for your day to day life.

How does one determine to stay healthy and what is healthy in ones quotient may vary from another. Some people are happy losing those pounds and inches while some aren’t happy till they haven’t achieved the six pack abs. In a very similar sense it is important to note that healthy food for one but just about not healthy for another.

Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan - Gynaecologist

Let’s look at places where making fast food like burger but adding vegetables in the cutlet, lettuce, raw vegetables could be quoted healthy. On the other hand bread is something our grandmas never promote. Depending on the habitation also one needs to adjust to availability of food items.

Our habits need to be right to be able to strike a balance between the various choices of food available. Eat what you like and when you like but in limited quantity. Eating good breakfast keeps you going through the day and lets you avoid those unwanted in between.

What’s also important is that we eat ghee in limited quantity to ensure lubrication of joints in our body to take us through old age. While what we eat is very important but when we eat those meals is also equally core. Properly balanced intervals and timely meals helps better digestion and gives away those unnecessary pounds.

Eat whole grains rather than refined grains. Whole grains have lesser glycaemia index  and hence they keep you feeling fuller for longer. Drinking water is very important for proper digestion just like we need water to grind any semi solids in our grinders.

Eating slowly and chewing your food properly is widely suggested in today’s time of hurried meals. Eat as a family as often as you can as pleasantries exchanged at this time send across good vibes.

Sleeping immediately after eating is a cause for concern. A gap of at least one hour in the day and two at night are best suggested. Lighter diets at night are suggested as we do not do much after a much satisfying dinner and a long gone by day. Eating plenty of fruits and salads add high nutritional value to the otherwise well planned meals.

Also it important not to overcook your meals and to add to their nutritional value instead of wasting it during boiling or cooking.

  • Steam vegetables, fish only until required.
  • Use fresh herbs and spices instead of sauces for seasoning your salads.

Maintaining a healthy diet chart is important to ensure that you are giving back to your body what’s required.

Processed food requires less time to cook than unprocessed food. Use unprocessed food as though the time taken maybe more but the nutritional value is also more.

While everyone individually decides what keeps their diet satisfactory we should ensure that we gain enough energy to do our daily chores and not feel totally drained out on the pretext of diet. Eat healthy stay happy.

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