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Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is a powerful machine that utilizes the laser mechanism to cut through a variety of solid materials. Its application is diverse ranging from school art projects to specific business enterprises. As a first time potential customer, one might face a hard time selecting the best laser cutter. Listed below are effective purchase steps for acquiring the best laser cutter.

Step#1 List the Materials for Application

One should consider the types of materials that the laser cutter will be used to cut. These could vary from plastic, metal, wood, and other relevant production materials. Through identification, one will specifically look for a laser cutter machine that meets all the listed material for applications. A laser cutter that cuts through a diverse number of materials is recommendable.

Laser Cutter

Step#2 Scale of work (Large-scale or small-scale)

A large-scale laser cutting size bed machine is effective for massive production of larger pieces products. It enables a continuous cutting process for a longer period compared to a small size bed. Small sized laser cutting machines are efficient in school projects and small-scale production. The available workshop space should also be considered before purchasing. This will prevent congestion that hinders proper movement and working processes.

Step#3 The Required Performance Power

Selection of the laser cutting power is dependent on material and the required swiftness during cutting. A high powered laser machine is effective in cutting through a wide variety of materials. The swiftness in cutting material is directly proportional to the increase in power. One should consider a flexible laser machine that can support both medium and high power performances. Boss hobby laser is a good example possessing power upgrading and control options. The power upgrade option is a major feature to consider during a purchase as it enhances flexibility in application. Not every material requires a high power performance. One should consider a laser machine that meets his requirements.

Step#4 Compare the different brands for authenticity and pricing

There are numerous companies producing laser cutter machines. One should consider the highly rated company with affordable pricing. This prevents purchasing counterfeit products that can lead to injuries or business loses when they break down. Renowned producer companies are evident through their high sales records and numerous branches. A rating by previous users is also important to consider.

Step#5 Training Services

After identifying a laser cutter machine of choice, one should consider the offered training services. Proper training enables easy application and prevents incidents of accidents. Some companies offer manuals while others go ahead with scheduled classes or DVD video training.

Step#6 After sale services

After sale services vary from the given warranty period, technical service availability for upgrades, and spare parts availability among others. A laser producing firm that offers more reliable after sale services should be highly considered. It is important to obtain contact avenues for latest briefings and question asking sessions that can improve the functional ability of one’s laser cutter machine.

In conclusion, laser cutter machines play a major role in the large-scale and small-scale enterprises. Before making a first time purchase, an individual should consider the following steps: Material for application, working scale, required laser cutting power, type of brand, training services, and after sale services.

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