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Guide On How To Install Wall Stickers

Wall sticker is an effective and a creative way to decorate your room. It is also an economical thing to do. There are many ways in which walls can be decorated such as using wall-paint. However, wallstickers are more in trend these days.

Purchasing a good and aesthetic wallpaper is not enough. There are several other factors to take into account. One of them is proper application. Installing the wall stickers in the right manner is of paramount importance. Here is how this can be achieved properly.

How To Install Wall Stickers

Things you will need:

There are several things you will need to have before beginning with the application. Here are the most important of all:

  1. Credit card.
  2. Masking tape.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. Long ruler.
  5. Spirit level.

The wall sticker is not just comprised of the substantive sticker. It comes up with three essential components – application layer, backing layer and a vinyl wall sticker.


Application consists of two important parts – the actual application and preparation before application. The first thing to do is ensure that area where sticker is to be applied is dry and clean. Make sure it is free from all the dirt. Wipe it using a damp cloth and let the area dry for few hours. This must be done before application.

Moreover, freshly painted walls must be dried as well. You should at least let them dry for 2 weeks before application. The task can be made more manageable by separating the multiple stickers on one sheet. Roll the stickers on the surface and make sure it is flat. Also ensure there are no bubbles visible.


Here are the following steps you need follow in order to apply the sticker on the wall:

  1. The sticker must be laid out on the wall. The transparent application layer will be facing towards you. All the four corners must then be taped to the wall using a masking tape.
  2. You need to create an anchor point either vertically or horizontally depending on the shape of the sticker. This can be done by applying a strip of tape across the sticker.
  3. The tape must be removed from the two top corners once an anchor point is created.
  4. The application layer must be peeled off from the backing layer. You need to make sure that sticker is stuck to the application layer. Keep on peeling till your reach the anchor point.
  5. Then use the credit card to stick the sticker properly to the surface. Also be careful you remove all the bubbles. You need to begin from the middle and then move outwards gradually.
  6. Wait for some time for the adhesive to get attached.
  7. After waiting for some time, peel the paper and ensure that sticker is fully adhered n the surface.

Above are all the steps listed you need to follow in order to adhere the wall stickers in a proper manner.

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