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Fix Alafile.Ocx Missing/ Not Registered Error Quickly

This error is one of the most annoying ones to fix for a normal computer user as well as for a somewhat knowledgeable user too. We know that users facing this issue might be frustrated.

That is the very reason we have created this stutter free guide in order to completely annihilate this error.

Fix Alafile.Ocx Missing/ Not Registered Error Quickly

About alafile.ocx

There is a software named Alafiles which Windows provides and alafile.ocx is a requirement for the software to run. The alafile.ocx file has an ActiveX control which is a necessity for the Windows OS to run this application in a proper way. We may also encounter Netflix error code nw-2-5 which can be fixed by using Techslash’s Guide Of How to fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 Easily.

OLE Control Extension is what ocx stands for and it is mainly active when we are using the application. It was previously known as linking and embedding control aka OLE but now the valid name is ActiveX.

It is used in applications like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, WMP (Windows media player).

  • Alafile.ocx :- The application has failed to start because alafile.ocx was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  • Alafile.ocx :- The program can’t start because alafile.ocx is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  • Alafile.ocx :- alafile.ocx failed. The specified module could not be found.
  • Alafile.ocx :- File not found: alafile.ocx.
  • Alafile.ocx :- Failed to load library ‘alafile.ocx’.
  • Alafile.ocx :- Access violation in module ‘alafile.ocx’.
  • Alafile.ocx :- Component ‘alafile.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered a file is missing or invalid.

These errors might pop up while using the application, when booting windows (at a random point of time) or when you are installing an application which needs it. You should jot down the point of time when you get this error so that you can determine which solution will work the best for you.

The errors related to this file might be caused because of a lot of different reasons, as mentioned below.

  • The file has been corrupted or damaged or downgraded by the new application you installed (file tampered).
  • There is a hardware failure in your PC (partial hardware failure).
  • The file is being hindered due to the operating system being infected by a Virus, Trojan, Malware, Script.
  • There are some registry errors because of data corruptions or modifications which are related to alafile.ocx.
  • A program which you uninstalled might have uninstalled alafile.ocx as well causing errors in other related applications.

Steps in order to fix the alafile.ocx related errors

If you know that you are capable of following the steps which we have provided here (you probably are), proceed further

Fix 1: Reinstall all the programs which are causing this issue

First, start with uninstalling and reinstalling the core program which is alafiles provided by the Windows OS developers.

  • Open up the start menu
  • Open the control panel
  • Open the programs and features section (uninstall a program)
  • Search the alafiles program (windows software developer)
  • Right click on it and click the uninstall .option
  • After you are done with uninstalling the software, reboot your computer and reinstall it from either the disc or the official Microsoft windows website, whatever you prefer

Fix 2: Scan your system for infection (Virus, malware, Trojan, Scripts)

One of the most popular problem in a Windows PC is that there are so many developers out there who have created viruses in order to intrude in the system. But the best thing about windows is that there are many security features like antiviruses, anti-rootkits, anti-malware that you can use in order to counter the infections.

If you don’t have an antivirus program, you can download one for free (example: avast free antivirus)

  • Restart your computer in safe mode with networking enabled
  • Start your antivirus program
  • Scan you system using the best option you can (recommended: full scan)
  • Once you are done with the scanning part, annihilate the virus using the options available
  • Reboot your OS

Method 3: Search the alafile.ocx in your recycle bin

If the error which pops up is the “alafile is missing” error, you can try and search for the file in the recycle bin. If you manage to find it

  • Right click on the alafile.exe
  • Restore the file (obviously, click restore)

Method 4: Clean and repair your registry

The registry is most important because it stores information about the functions which are needed in order to complete the execution of your applications and keep the system running well. The problem is there are constant work going under the registry and that is the reason it is always running. Sometimes, miscalculations on the part of the machine causes an issue with the registry and that results in data-breaking problems.

Download a registry cleaner from a trusted source. There are loads of open source software available for you to clean and repair the registry in one single click.


The best way for you to get rid of your errors are mentioned above. Other mentioned methods on other websites might show you a more complex way to do this. Make sure you follow our guides for simplified steps.

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