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Guide for Choosing a Humidifier

People working in the offices and spending hours in huge buildings with lack of fresh air might suffer from tiredness, insomnia, and have problems with dry skin and hair. It might come as a surprise but one of the reasons could be dry air. The air in big offices is usually very dry due to conditioning, heating units, and various office equipment. The situation gets worse in winter as the temperature gets lower outside while the air gets drier inside. Luckily, this problem can be solved with the help of air humidifier.

Guide for Choosing a HumidifierHumidifier is a device that humidifies the air by emitting water vapor. It is a great thing to be used not only in the office but also at home and in other premises. If you use the device correctly, it will humidify air, and in such a way, eliminate the results of cold-weather. But what is the best humidifier 2017, and how to get an efficient one? There are various types of humidifiers and it is important to select the one that will meet your needs.

Choose by Room Size

Comfortable conditions can be created if indoor humidity is around 35-50 percent. In winter this level can drop to 15 percent without proper humidification. Home devices usually manage with smaller area than specified by the manufacturer. For this reasons it is important to know the area of the house or room. Measure square footage of the room and you will know what size and power of humidifier you need. Small devices are usually fine for areas up to 200 square metres. Medium size devices will be great for areas from 200 to 400 square metres, and large, correspondingly, fit for rooms bigger than 400 square metres. Specialists recommend buying ultrasonic console humidifiers for big areas, which is a good option for office usage.

However, if the level of humidity is over 50%, it can cause dust mites and growth of mold spore. Be careful with overusing air humidifiers.

Types of Air Humidifiers

  • Warm Mist/Cool Mist. These two types of devices are very similar. Warm Mist humidifier heats water and emits steam from boiling water.  Some devices have mineral filters that block water by-products. They are not cheap to be replaced but very important. Warm Mist is not a good option for children as they can get burned.

Guide for Choosing a HumidifierCool Mist humidifiers are divided into three categories – Ultrasonic, Impeller, and Evaporative. Basically, the difference is only in the way each device emits water. For example, Ultrasonic humidifier has a vibrating nebulizer to emit water into the air.

  • Portable/Tabletop. This device is better for using in one room, say bedroom. Humidifiers are small and convenient to transport due to convenient size. The only problem is that they need frequent refilling.
  • Whole house. Humidifying devices for the whole house is a good solution for those who own 650-1100 square meters.

Air humidifier is an excellent tool for usage in the office and at home. It helps create comfortable conditions for working and relaxing. Air humidifier has numerous advantages but should be chosen and used reasonably.

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