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Graphic Research: Facebook Launches New Social Research

Graphic Research Facebook

Facebook is known to be at the forefront when it comes to social networks. Mark Zuckerberg platform receives interesting set every few months; some are well received by users, while others generate little scandals. That day, the founder of Facebook took the stage at the new campus in Menlo Park to announce the arrival of a new pillar in the service: a brand new social search engine called Search Chart, which is based on the connections between users. Zuck was three minutes late to the room and talked about how this feature works, which will be useful for many and how could it be otherwise, consider the users” privacy.

Similar to the concept of mathematical graph theory, the relationship we have in real life with our contacts can be represented in the virtual world with a graph, where each person is represented by a node. This person / node connect with other, forming a network that will be represented in the content Graphic Research and suggestions for new contacts. Ultimately, Facebook”s intentions with this new feature are designed to provide an experience tailored to each user based on their preferences, tastes and geographic data, among other things. The links that we undertake using Graphic Search more sense based on the information you have entered on the platform, of course.

During the first minutes of the conference in Menlo Park, Zuckerberg has devoted his speech to talk about the experience of Facebook users and the pillars on which it perches. On the one hand, we have the news feed, the main updates and more used where we see our contacts. On the other hand, we have the chronology, our own activities in the platform, time and content to invest in Facebook. From now on, we”ll find a new stage in the experience of social network, represented by Graphic Research, which has no relation with the traditional search engines, we are accustomed. We are not talking about indexing, but, as it contained healing.

Graphic Research Facebook a

For example, when you search on Google, we will meet all results pages indexed. Find graphics, graphic Facebook indexed connections we form with our contacts, and especially its publications and content. With a user base that is growing at a million per day, more than 240,000 million images hosted on the platform, over a billion active users, and other numbers that are not really surprised by the case of Facebook, the social graph we are talking about is pretty huge. Consequently, the power you can have as many recommendations Graph Search Engine.

Of course, one of the major search terms to innovation lies in the Privacy Facebook. And as the search feature graph is quite natural to ask what will happen to our privacy, now that we are content indexed in a search engine company. The answer is that the content is already there, Facebook is more comfortable to hold for the person who is looking. If we were cautious and objections to all our content appropriate privacy settings, we have no problems. These data ourselves publicly published in the strictest sense of the word, or some contacts who can then use the search-graph will be used to provide a personalized experience. According to the same Zuckerberg, the company has used 10 percent of the computing power of the Facebook servers to make the necessary checks on privacy.

This social search engine will be able to do, as we have said, and recommendations for users. If we want to make a trip to a part of the world, we can use our contacts Search Chart know who live in this area, and contact be. But we can also explore our network of contacts, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Full Movie such as Search Chart ask about our friends who enjoy chocolate ice cream, for example fool. Can also do more advanced queries, for example, view photos of our contacts only in 2009, linking the names of contacts with the type of content you have posted. In addition, if we too complicated a question? Nothing says Zuckerberg: their strategy is always with Bing Search Chart and if cannot provide an answer, Bing will be responsible for making a web search.

When can we see the arrival of Graphic Research? It is not yet fully deployed, as always in the case of Facebook, should be considered in the coming weeks, but can be added to a waiting list that have the bitterest. Now, is in beta, but promises to be truly revolutionary. We just used to strong changes in Facebook whenever Zuckerberg takes the stage in 2011, was the arrival of the scenario, allowing early last year, then this conference could not be otherwise. What can we expect from Search Chart? No doubt this will be an appreciated by users because it allows us to have a personalized experience.

Given the incredible amount of literature that we encounter every day on Facebook, it was time to have a specialized search engine, social. In this sense, Facebook had the smell of it, and offer tailored experience that in this era of computers cannot miss. Is this a popular product? Only time will tell, in the meantime, since we did not score on the waiting list.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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