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Get cozy in Banff, the capital of the Canadian Rockies

Uniquely located inside the famous national park in Alberta, Banff is a small town that draws more than four million visitors each year. Year-round sojourners come to Banff to experience the raw beauty of Banff National Park, which also belongs to the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

Banff_ Alberta

Out In the Wild

The town of Banff shares space with some of the park’s inhabitants, being less than 400 hectares in size. It’s an everyday sight to see locals walking alongside a deer, elk or sheep. Living inside the vastness of the national park provides residents and visitors the lush setting filled with trees, nature trails and parks. Popular areas near Banff include Lake Louise, Vermillion Lakes and Mount Norquay. Book your Banff Hotels with

The Best of Banff

Banff’s splendid sights are best admired from the Banff Sulfur Mountain Gondola, located just on the outskirts of town. The cable car ride takes you closer to the Canadian Rockies and the surrounding areas. During summer, you can fully appreciate the wonderful weather in Banff through rafting tours along Bow River. The more peaceful option of viewing Banff’s mountainous setting is through a boat tour of Lake Minnewanka. After all these fun activities, you will need something to energize your senses. Take your swimsuit to Upper Hot Springs found on the southern side of the downtown area. The hot sulfur pools can relax those tired and aching muscles.

Museums in Banff

Being in such an honored location creates such high regard for the rich Canadian landscape. Museums in town are a celebration of its heritage and efforts to preserve national pride. The primary cultural center in Banff is Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, which has exhibitions about Canadian history and culture. Canadian artists showcase their art at Canada House Gallery. Two more venues, Canadian Ski Museum West and Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, are part of Banff’s cultural retreats.

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