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Four Benefits Of Liquid Ring Pumps For Industrial Use

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in various industries that require water removal process, from pulp and paper to mining. Many industries use this vacuum pump type because it is very versatile and there are fewer problems associated with it. Here are some other advantages of liquid ring vacuum pumps that make it a more popular choice for industries compared to the other types of vacuum pumps.

Four Benefits Of Liquid Ring Pumps For Industrial Use

Simpler Design and Maintenance

Liquid ring pump has simpler design compared to the other industrial pumps. It only uses one rotating assembly and it can be constructed from any cast-able metal. Due to its simple design, the maintenance also becomes far from complicated. The maintenance routine still has to be done under professional supervision, but the process is still much simpler compared to most industrial vacuum pumps. In addition, thanks to its simple design and components usage, this pump also has less vibration and noise.


This device is widely known for its excellent durability. It is highly durable because this device has slow rotational speed of around 1,800 rev/minute which increase its operating life.  Liquid ring vacuum pump also can be used to deal with condensable load, which is something most vacuum pump types unable to do.

But of course, the durability of the pump is also determined by the quality of the company that produced it. You can contact VoonerFlogard Corporation to purchase high quality liquid ring pumps for industrial needs.

Work with Various Sealant

As we know, ring liquid vacuum pumps use liquid as a seal. In addition, the liquid also serves other important purposes such as absorbing the heat produced during compression. The best thing about this device is it can work with various types of liquid. Besides water, oil, organic solvents, and ethylene glycol can also be used as sealant. Basically, as long as the liquid will not be easily vaporized, it can be used as sealant for this device. The good news is, no matter which liquid you decide to use, it will not influence the performance of the device.

Can Be Used as Gas Compressor

Last but not least, liquid ring vacuum is also very popular due to its versatility. In addition to its main function to remove water in industrial process, its impeller rotating mechanism also can be used as gas compressor. This is a commendable trait since the other pumps don’t possess similar capability. Due to this extra function, liquid ring vacuum pump can be used for various applications.

Since liquid ring vacuum pumps play a crucial role in industrial purposes, it is very important to ensure the quality of the device. One of the easiest ways to be sure that you are purchasing a quality product is by choosing carefully the company that produced the device. Make sure to pay attention to the reputation and experience of the company in the industry. Furthermore, it is also important to be sure that liquid ring vacuum pump is the one you need for your industry so that you can really feel its great advantages.

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