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Flipkart Big Billion Day Offer 2015 Sale Starts Oct 13

Flipkart Big Billion Day offer

Get ready for the biggest sale of the year

Flipkart which is one of the biggest online retailers in India is back with its second Big Billion Day sale. It will start on 13 October and end on 17 October. After the mishap of last year this year Flipkart has made the event an app only event. This means that only people who use the Flipkart app to shop will be able to get the offers and deals. This has been done due 6to last year’s mishap which enraged the customers. The customers complained last year that the many problems were being faced by them which included site crashes to wrong prices and several other errors.

Discounts ranging across 70 categories of products

Flipkart is known for having a number of categories when it comes to their products. This year they have said that there will be discounts across 70 product categories. This will involve a lot of products and especially electronics and gadgets. Also the garment category will be included for sure due to the approaching festive season.

The sale will be for duration of five days

This year’s highlight regarding the sale is not the huge amount of products on the list. It is the fact that unlike last year when the sale was only for a day this time the sale will be spread over a period of five days hence the name Big Billion Days Sale.

Myntra will also be a part of the sale

The sale will be a special time to shop for gifts and other items. Customers can shop for products which will include mobiles, footwear, furniture, jewellery and watches. Another fashion portal known as Myntra of which Flipkart bought a huge strake for an estimated 2, 000 crores in May 2014 also is a part of the sale.

Speedier Delivery

The company due to the experience of last year has promised to provide a seamless shopping experience. With a turn in of over 50 million customers it can be seen that Flipkart is taking the matter very seriously. Flipkart has also mentioned that they have opened new fulfilment centres all throughout the country to generate efficient delivery. They have also improved their servers and data bases to handle the huge amount of traffic they will be getting on those five days.

It can be safely said that this will be a huge mark for the 8 year old company if everything goes well. Although the idea of this sale is extremely lucrative but if not handled correctly then it could be a disaster. Flipkart had generated a gross value of around 100 million through last year’s sale which was a huge fiasco. It is safe to say that this year is everything goes well we could be seeing few times that amount being generated if everything goes well. The public is geared up for this sale since it is going to be almost a free for all in terms of discount and availability. They key is to be smart and quick.

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