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Fermented Drinks to Start Your Day

From Kombucha, Tepache, to Kefir, it seems the world is crazy about fermented drinks. These drinks contain beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that boost the immune system and digestive health. Well, if you’re still on the fence about which cup to include on your morning table, here are four premium choices to consider.

1. Kefir

Any list of probiotic morning drinks cannot be complete without mentioning Kefir. This drink is a naturally fermented milk product that is ideal for an empty stomach.


Kefir comes in a creamy texture with a Greek-yogurt-like flavor that will give your taste buds a sweetened, savory feel. Most bottles of Kefir contain more than 50 different microbiomes that help with gut health. Take it every morning and you’ll hardly experience bloating, inflammation of the stomach, and indigestion.

Kefir contains Lactobacillus kefiri, a probiotic that inhibits the growth of E.Coli, Helicobacter pylori, and Salmonella. Waking up to the drink exposes these bacteria to the probiotic, protecting you from ulcers and carcinogenic cells. This drink is exclusively non-sugar and comes with little carbs and fats, making it even a better option to cut body weight.

2. Kvass

Kvass is a staple Russian morning drink that is made of Rye bread or beet. Unlike Kefir milk, Kvass will clean your body like a pro. Only 2 ounces every morning is good to start you off.


Kvass has the taste of beer. So, if you like beer, this is the perfect non-alcoholic drink to revitalize your body as you prepare for your daily errands. It mixes flavors of delicious fruits such as strawberry, raisins, and even herbs such as mint to give your bud the craving they need. Even more, Kvass consists of probiotics that help with gut health. A sip or two with an empty stomach will tone your digestion and help you cut weight in matters of weeks. Beet Kvass also aids with chronic fatigue, allergy, and chemical sensitivity.

This drink is also your perfect choice when intending to cleanse your liver, tone the blood, or add valuable nutrients and fiber into your system.

When buying, choose Kvass with a mix of the delicious flavor of your choice. A few refreshing variants are minty, tangy, and salty on the taste buds. And if you wake up to a dry throat, beet Kvass can help you beat the morning thirst for a refreshing feeling all day long.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt has been in the market for hundreds of years, not just for its flavor but also for several health benefits. To begin with, a cup of yogurt in the morning gives your mouth a tangy flavor. It boosts your appetite, making you want to enjoy a heavy breakfast that will keep you energized in your workplace. The thick fluid sits well on the tongue and provides about 40% of your body’s calcium needs.

Seven ounces of yogurt contains about 12 grams of proteins and various types of saturated fats. Meaning, a glass in the morning can help increase your body’s cellular growth for glowing skin.

Non-sugar varieties of yogurt can also help cut body weight while at the same time introducing beneficial probiotics to tone your digestion. If you suffer frequent bowel syndrome, take a glass of yogurt in the morning and the condition will subside.

4. Kombucha

Toss that cup of your morning tea and substitute it with Kombucha and you’ll see your health improve a bunch. This drink contains antioxidants that reduce liver toxicity by washing chemicals off it. The acetic acid in Kombucha kills harmful bacteria in the body, while polyphenols in Kombucha aids in fighting yeast infections.


If you’re obese, a cup every morning will help you cut weight and manage type 2 diabetes. Moreover, this drink aids in fighting carcinogenic cells by producing polyphenols that prevent gene mutation.


Tea or coffee is not the only choice to start your morning. Give any of the fermented drinks we’ve reviewed a try, and you’ll see your health bloom.

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