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Exploring Different Types of Hemp Capsules and Their Uses

Self-care and natural wellness are hot topics in the 21st century. People are increasingly moving away from conventional medications and seeking natural remedies for their health problems. Thanks to its rich nutritional profile and wellness properties, hemp is at the forefront of this movement.

Different Types of Hemp Capsules

Hemp is available in many forms, including oils, gummies, and teas. But a favorite is hemp capsules, thanks to their ease of use and the convenience factor. Quick and simple to take, hemp oil capsules come in varying formats and strengths, serving a broad customer base.

Below, we explore the different types of hemp capsules and their uses.

What are the Different Types of Hemp Capsules?

Hemp capsules can differ in a couple of ways, from the exterior shell to the formulation. For instance, you get capsules, softgels, and pills, each serving different users. As for the formulation, there are three types; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

Additionally, hemp capsules may contain added vitamins and nutrients that provide further wellness benefits, serving different purposes.

Difference Between Hemp Capsules, Softgels, and Pills

People tend to use the term “hemp capsules” interchangeably to refer to all types of capsules. Although very similar, there are key differences between each type.

The primary difference is that softgels have a soft, dissolvable one-piece shell and contain liquid extract, while a capsule contains dry hemp powder encased in a two-piece hard outer shell. CBD pills are solid tablets composed of tightly compressed hemp extract in crystal form.

Softgels are soft and smooth, making them easy to swallow. Thus, they’re a great choice for people who struggle to swallow hard pills.

Experts argue softgels have higher bioavailability because they contain a carrier oil (liquid extract) rather than dry ingredients. The carrier oil acts as a carrier to transport more of the active compounds to your system. Since hemp’s compounds are fat-soluble, they benefit from getting a ride with fats from the oil into your bloodstream.

Softgels are the better choice for anyone looking to get the most out of hemp extracts. For instance, if you’re not using it as just a wellness supplement and want quick relief from a specific symptom.

The downside of softgels is that you cannot alter the dose due to the liquid content. This is where hemp capsules or pills may be the better option. Since they contain dry ingredients, you can cut them in half for a lower dosage. Or if you want to take one and a half capsules instead of two. Capsules are also cheaper to make, making them the more cost-effective option.

Moreover, capsules contain the hemp plant’s raw (dry) ingredients, meaning they’re packed with healthy fiber that naturally aids digestion. Therefore, you’re gaining additional hemp benefits.

Full-spectrum vs. Broad-spectrum vs. Isolate 

Full-spectrum vs. Broad-spectrum vs. Isolate

When shopping for hemp capsules, you’re also likely to come across the terms full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. This refers to the cannabinoid content of the hemp extract.

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum formulas include all of the cannabinoids and compounds of the hemp plant. Nothing is filtered out. This includes cannabinoids like CBD and CBN and terpenes that could help with bioavailability and provide healing effects of their own.

Many people prefer full-spectrum products because they provide wellness benefits from the entire hemp plant. Therefore, these types of hemp capsules give you a  full-body effect.

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum formulas are similar to full-spectrum; however, some compounds are removed – usually THC. Thus, broad-spectrum hemp capsules are ideal for anyone hesitant to consume even tiny amounts of THC – for legal or personal reasons.


Isolate formulas contain pure CBD. All other cannabinoids and compounds are removed. This makes isolate hemp capsules a good choice for anyone who only wants CBD’s benefits.

Additional Ingredients

Finally, the additional ingredients used in hemp capsules can significantly impact their effects and uses.

For instance, you may find hemp capsules for sleep, energy, stress, and more. Typically, sleep formulas contain melatonin for added sleep support, while energy formulas may contain ingredients like vitamin B and magnesium. For stress-relieving formulas, look for terpenes like caryophyllene and limonene.

Often, brands market their hemp capsules with their intended use, such as sleep capsules or energizing capsules. However, the full ingredients list goes a long way in explaining what you can expect from your hemp capsules.

Final Thoughts

The hemp market is booming, and there’s no shortage of products to choose from. Hemp capsules are a firm favorite because they’re incredibly easy to take and are pre-dosed with a specific amount of hemp extract.

Despite many assuming that hemp capsules are a lone product, you get several types intended for different uses. Generally, it comes down to personal preference and what you want from your hemp experience.

Softgels are easy to swallow and offer increased bioavailability, while it’s easier to alter capsule dosage – at least in halves. You can also choose between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate capsules, depending on if you want to experience the full effects of hemp or limit it to CBD. Finally, the additional ingredients are key in determining hemp capsule’s effects and uses.

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