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Experience These 7 Unforgettable Festivals In India With A Travel Loan

Festivals are a huge part of India’s rich cultural heritage, and hundreds of them take place all over the sub-continent throughout the year. Of course, some are more unique than others. Visiting and taking part in these uncommon celebrations is an experience you will never forget, so why are you waiting?

Experience These 7 Unforgettable Festivals In India With A Travel Loan

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Uncommon Indian Festivals You Should Visit At Least Once

Experience These 7 Unforgettable Festivals In India With A Travel Loan

If you’re looking for new and exciting travel experiences, these 7 cultural festivals of India are totally worth a visit:

  1. Snake Boat Race, Kerala – The serene backwaters of Alleppey play host to the Vallam Kali (boat game or boat race) festival between July and September every year, with the main race held on the second Saturday of August. This vibrant and unusual boat racing carnival is not to be missed!
  2. Desert Festival, Rajasthan – The Sam Sand Dunes, located 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer, provide a gorgeous backdrop for this incredible festival held every year in February. There are camel races, food stalls, music and dance, performances by folk artists, turban tying competitions and more.
  3. Goa Carnival, Goa – With float parades, traditional dances, live bands, night markets as well as delicious food and drink, this merry and colorful carnival is a real treat. It takes place at the end of February right before Lent, the 40-day period of fasting and abstinence for Christians.
  4. Rural Olympics, Punjab – The sports festival takes place during early February in Kila Raipur, 20 kilometers from Ludhiana. Locals compete in aerobatics, bullock cart and horse racing, and other rural sports, as well as unusual activities like using their hair to pull vehicles and mouth to lift plows!
  5. Rann Utsav, Gujarat – This festival celebrates the unique beauty and culture of the Kutch region. Along with beachside or lakeside fairs, there’s bird watching, horse riding, camel safaris, ATV riding, para motoring, archery, giant chess and more. It takes place between October and February every year.
  6. Hornbill Festival, Nagaland – The annual ’Festival of Festivals’ takes place at Kisama Heritage Village during the first week of December. It’s best known for live rock music performances by local and international bands, but check out the displays of local food, customs, songs and dancing while you’re there.
  7. Strawberry Festival, Panchgani – This festival takes place annually either in March or April. Set against the backdrop of lush hills, it celebrates strawberries in all their glory, from fruit picking tours at strawberry farms to stalls where you can sample and buy candied fruit, jams, preserves and pickles.
    Experience These 7 Unforgettable Festivals In India With A Travel Loan

If you’re a travel enthusiast, visiting the country’s most unusual festivals should definitely be on your bucket list. There’s no experience as unique and fulfilling as taking part in one of these, especially if you like to soak in the local culture and connect with people wherever you go!

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