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Everything You Need To Know About a Download Manager for Your Mac

There are many people out there who have never used a download manager in their life. We too are pretty new to the whole concept, but we decided to give it a try for a couple of weeks and we were honestly surprised by how convenient it made our daily lives.

Download Manager for Your Mac

And hence we decided to share this little discovery of ours with the world, so let us actually begin with the main question

What is a download manager?

You know how it works currently when you download a file using your browser. The browser downloads the file into your download folder from where you have to head in and first look for the goddamn file and then run it. Well with a download manager one skips this completely, a download manager is a complete collection of everything that you have ever downloaded on your computer. Whether it be torrents or normal downloads, or simply a video you downloaded off Youtube. (Don’t know how to do that? Read on.)

Why does one need a download manager?

Well for the exact purpose they are made. They make one’s task so easy and convenient when it comes to to managing all the hundreds of files one downloads on their computer. A download manager can let you organise your files according to their type, their name or simply based on tags that you create. If you’re someone who’s looking to clear out their downloads folder and make their computer a more efficient and organised device. A download manager is exactly what you need!

Where does one go looking for a download manager?

Well you’re in luck because you don’t have to go looking anywhere. We have found what we believe to be probably the best download manager for Mac.

Folx is a free to use download manager for Mac that has countless features that literally has made us fall head over heels for it and how effective it has made out downloads.

Folx download manager

Folx download manager is a brilliant download manager for Mac that allows users to download and manage Torrents and normal files alike, and makes it super easy for all users by having a clean and easy to use interface that has made us fall in love with the app.

Let us take a brief look at all the features of Folx download manager Mac.


Browser integration and tags

Folx integrates with your browser and each time you visit a web page that has downloadable links it gives you the option to download all or download selected files. These files are then downloaded using the Folx download manager that also sorts the files you download using custom or preset tags. So suppose you download a video you will find it under the video tag and so on. This makes is super convenient for you when you’re looking for these files in the future.

Download Torrents from the Manager

Another great feature that Folx comes in with is a search bar that lets you download torrents right from the manager. All you have to do is key in what you wish to download and then hit the download button.

Folx also has support for Magnet links and is regarded as one of the most powerful Torrent downloading clients for Mac.

Pro Features

Although free, Folx comes in with a pro version which has the following features.

  • Faster download speeds
  • Speed Control
  • Download scheduling
  • iTunes integration
  • Downloading videos and converting them from sites like YouTube.

We definitely recommend you checking out Folx and seeing how it can drastically make your downloads and space management that much better. Give it a try today!

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