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Endpoint Security Management: What Is It and How to Get Started

In order for a business to run smoothly, endpoint devices need to be protected. A device with bad security on your network is a vulnerability to the company and all of its users. Before getting started with endpoint security management, here is what you need to know.

Endpoint Security Management

The Beginning

Before you get  a Free Customised IT Quote, take a long look at the problems in your company. Can the bad security be fixed by better employees? More experienced management? Or maybe hardware or software upgrades? When there are multiple faults to your security approach, endpoint security management becomes that much more important.

As more people get onto the work network, the risk of a security breach gets higher. Protecting your network starts by making sure every device that logs on plays by the same rules. This uniform approach defines what makes endpoint security management the backbone of any good company network.

Browser Isolation

Browser related threats are one of the biggest security problems on a network. The solution here is using endpoint security to prevent a single mistake from a browser from destroying all of the other devices on the same network. Even if a user bypasses company protocols to go to a restricted website, the end result won’t go any further than the affected device.


When you deploy an antivirus for your endpoints, compatibility will be one of the prioritized features. Since it is installed directly on devices, the chosen antivirus needs to have strong access to each computer. Your company has to be careful here, as whatever restrictions you put in place can affect the optimizations of the antivirus.

Application Control

This will be the bread and butter of your endpoint security management. Application control will determine the permissions and restrictions of every application involved in your network. All of the blacklisting, whitelisting and gray-listing are handled here.

Network Access Control

Your network access control strategy brings everything together with endpoint protection. Access for all users and devices are handled here, so always keep your company network policy updated. Small changes will become waves across the entire company network.


Data should be unusable and unreadable to users without the correct decryption key. When data is scrambled, even a rogue device on the network that gains access will still be locked out of disrupting your company’s security. Organizations that suffer from theft or exposure will find endpoint encryption a mandatory feature.

Cloud Security

You can strengthen the cloud platform before it becomes a problem that affects the entire network The cloud is vulnerable to malicious activities without endpoint protection. With more data being stored in the cloud, it makes sense that companies are taking a hard approach at securing that information.

Just the Beginning

It’s not easy for a company to balance its security and policy with all of the devices on the network. Endpoint security management takes a lot of stress out of this problem while introducing user-friendly features. Businesses have a duty to protect their assets, so take advantage of every tool to get the job done.

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