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Eliminate Your Fears and Pick Up a 6 Monitor Setup Today

Are you thinking twice about purchasing your 6 monitor setup because you fear that the disadvantages weigh more than the perks? Now is the time to ask a professional for their input. Any pro trader will tell you that using multiple monitors is the ideal setup. It is a worthwhile investment that will make your career more productive and rewarding.

Eliminate Your Fears

More monitors equate to faster efficiency. When you no longer have to switch between tabs or use a tiny phone with your PC, you minimize mistakes. With this accuracy, you can time your trade entries and exits, assuring better returns. Take a look at the potential fears you may have about the multiple monitor setup, and together we’ll debunk them. Let’s get started.

​​Potential Eye and Muscle Strain

Potential Eye and Muscle Strain

Just imagine that one screen is already enough to give you muscle and eyestrain. Apart from poor vision, it is common to encounter back, neck, and shoulder pain while working on your computer. But hold it right there!

The reason you feel these ill feelings may have more to do with your screen setup than the number of screens you have. When you’re trying to monitor a fast-paced market using just one or two PCs, you suffer from eye strain because you stare intently at the screen.

If your companion monitor is a smartphone or tablet, that makes it even worse because your eyes veer down. As a result, you put your neck, shoulders, and back in an awkward position. This will really make you feel sore. Also, the tiny screens make it more difficult to see the following data:

  • Graphs
  • Figures
  • Indexes
  • Charts
  • Time frames

Instead, a 6 monitor setup means you can clearly see what you need, right when it matters. Besides, you can minimize eye and muscle strain with the correct installation. Take note of the following for an ergonomic workstation:

  1. Choose a good location that doesn’t have much screen reflection.
  2. Take note of the height of the monitors so you don’t strain your neck.
  3. Pay attention to the distance between the chair and your monitors.
  4. Adjust brightness and contrast levels to minimize eye strain.
  5. Follow proper usage and take breaks when necessary.
  6. Use protective blue light deflection shields or blue light blocking glasses.
  7. Invest in an ergonomic table and chair.

Many factors contribute to the strain you feel in your body. Pay attention to these details so you can carefully weigh your options regarding multiple screens. If you let your fears rule, you will miss out on tons of opportunities.

Serves as a Possible Distraction

An additional screen like your smartphone or tablet can already disrupt your work mojo, especially when you get notifications from social media. So when you have multiple screens, you may fear that you’ll get distracted. This can indeed happen, especially if you use one screen for communication, like emails, Twitter, messenger chats, etc. However, you have the power to control the push notifications.

If you stay disciplined, having multiple monitors will not kill your productivity. In fact, it may have do the opposite if you can resist distractions. When it comes to trading, having a 6 monitor setup that’s correctly installed will help you perform better. Take note: each screen holds a specific job, so you have all the information you need right in front of you.

As a result, you can time your trades efficiently and feel less pressure because you don’t have to cut, paste, minimize, or maximize to get the data you need. With less stress, you will feel fewer body aches and pains, too. What’s not to love?

Serves as a Possible Distraction

Insufficient Desk Space

One of your fears may be the lack of desk space. If you work in a small office, you only have a finite amount of working space. It’s impossible to expand, making this a hindrance to buying a 6 monitor setup. But here’s the catch: don’t let this fear impede your growth. Remember, for maximum efficiency in this profession, the “the more, the merrier” rule applies.

Fortunately, LCD monitors today come with flat panels. Hence, they will only take up a fraction of your desk space, unlike the bulky monitors of the past. As you can see, you really have nothing to worry about.

With proper organization and angling, you can fit all 6 monitors on your desk. Just rearrange the items on top of your desk to make everything feasible. You can purchase a separate shelf or an ottoman that doubles as a storage space for your things. Also, you can do the following to make sure all the screens fit:

  • Place 3 screens in front and mount the other 3 on the wall
  • Make sure you angle the side screens a bit closer to your chair
  • Just fill your table with essentials that you constantly use

Possible High Costs

You may be feeling ambivalent about purchasing a 6 monitor setup for fear that it will cost too much and break your budget. For starters, you will indeed pay more for six monitors than one or two. However, the value that this system provides for your profession outweighs the initial costs. Having more monitors equates to better efficiency. You can track the markets better, watch out for new opportunities, and work with updated information.

When you work with concrete data, you make better investment choices. You can compare different markets, currencies, indexes, etc., in one seamless system. Consequently, you minimize lags due to minimizing tabs and windows. On top of that, you can mitigate potential mistakes of clicking too many things and flipping back and forth just to see the info you need.

You can also feel more confident with your investment choices because they’re grounded in data. You can immediately spot opportunities and make a great entry or exit if need be. All of these have the potential to increase your bottom line. So, in the long run, the computer monitors will pay for themselves.

Parting Words

Most of all, today’s computer monitors don’t necessarily break the bank. With the help of the right supplier, you can find a multiple monitor system that fits your budget. Many companies even offer to finance so you can get what you need with 0% interest. So what are you waiting for? Toss your fears out the window and make the big switch to a 6 monitor setup. You won’t regret it.

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