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VSI Jaipur Preparation Strategy to Get the Best CA Final Result

After passing the Intermediate Examination, a student advances to the CA Final Course, the final stage of the Chartered Accountancy Course. Many CA aspirants aspire to complete CA successfully and achieve a good rank in the CA Final Result. Though there is no substitute for hard work, it will yield the best results when combined with working smart.

Preparation tips for the best CA Final Result

So if you are preparing for the CA Final exam and searching for good guidance, support, or an institute to prepare for the CA final exam, the VSI Jaipur can be the solution for all of this. With personalized guidance, a series of mock tests, and great emphasis on concept clearing, students can perform well in their CA final exam and increase their chance of securing rank in the CA Final result.

VSI Jaipur is recognized for its outstanding results. It has a record of the ever-highest marks in CA Final and CA Intermediate examinations. Therefore, you can rest assured that the advice provided here is highly effective. However, you should be aware that the CA Final preparation approach will vary from month to month.

VSI CA Final Result 2021

Here is a glimpse of the CA Final exam result of July 2021 achieved by the VSI’s students. Moreover, the notable part is that one of the VSI’s students, Garima Kothari, managed to secure AIR 8, scoring 586/800 in the CA Final exams. In the below chart, you can see the amazing CA Final passing percentage of VSI students.

CA Final Result July 2021

In the CA Final Result Jan 2021 also, 3 VSI students achieved rank under 50, and many students cleared the exams.

VSI Preparation Strategy for CA Final

You need to start your preparation early to get the best CA final result and clear the exam in a single attempt. Don’t procrastinate or delay your preparation as it may affect your preparation and chances of scoring well. However, students should plan their preparation.

The preparation strategy by VSI is a sure short measure to ensure that you achieve the best CA Final results.

1. Prepare a schedule that works for you

Instead of wandering on what to study, how to study, when to study, prepare a schedule that you can stick to. It will assist you in managing your CA Final exams correctly. Divide the time appropriately for each subject and complete each portion in the allotted time. VSI offers a strict study timetable for each of its students to stick to and prepare themselves accordingly.

2. Hard work is the only key

There is no denying that hard work is the key to success. A CA Final student knows how much effort and patience it takes to clear the exams in a single attempt. So, keep working hard. But that doesn’t mean increasing your labor hours and reducing your productive hours. Smart work combined with hard work will yield better results.

VSI Jaipur devises a course strategy wherein the institute completes the course in a stipulated time frame. Then there are a series of mock tests to help students know where they lack to put their efforts there. That increases the likelihood of achieving a good CA Final Result.

3. Clarify your concepts

Since the CA exams have few questions, don’t compare them to other examinations where you can pass by memorizing more and more previous year exam questions. If you want to do well on the CA final exams and secure a good rank in CA final result, you should prioritize concept clarity. VSI’s main aim is to clarify students’ concepts since that will be of great use in the long run.

4. Give Importance to Theory and Practical Subjects

Choose two or three subjects and include a practical subject per day to work on, and set deadlines to meet your goal. This is because studying theory for an entire day can be tedious, tiring, and can waste your time. Instead, add one practical subject to simply extend your working hours. Hence, schedule time in your day for both theory and practical studies accurately.

5. Solve MTPs and Previous Year Question Papers

Only learning will not be enough to get through the papers or to achieve a great CA Final result. They won’t work until you’ve spent a lot of time practicing. Therefore, solving MTP and RTP is beneficial as they also include previous year questions. This will allow you to practice more, manage your time during the exam better and improve your presentation skills.

VSI puts great emphasis on solving previous year’s questions. Apart from that, it conducts mock tests series that helps the student to clarify their concepts.

6. Clarifying doubts

If students don’t clarify their doubts and keep them with themselves, they reduce their chances of securing a good CA Final exam result or even passing the exams. The doubts keep piling up, and students get frustrated when they can’t understand a concept. VSI always advises their students to reach out to their teacher immediately in case any doubt arises. Moreover, there are frequent in-depth doubt-clearing sessions wherein students can share the areas they are facing problems.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips

Every subject on the CA Final is distinct, and students must study them using different techniques. To achieve the best CA Final exam result, you need to prepare smartly. So, mentioned below are some tips on how to study for each of the CA Final subjects.

1. Preparation Tips for Financial Reporting

Accounting Standards in the paper 1, is a topic where you can score higher, therefore, study them thoroughly. Start practicing the other high-value topics as well.

2. Preparation Tips for CA Final SFM

You’ll need a lot of practice in the paper 2. Make sure you practice a few questions every day. Make a habit of solving at least 5-6 questions daily.

3. Preparation Tips for CA Final Audit

Most auditing topics are discussed in articleship, making practical topics simple to comprehend. Therefore, it is advised that students must focus on the audits during their articleship. Students can also take the help of ICAI guidance notes that also include amendments.

4. Preparation Tips for CA Final Law

As this is a theory paper with a lot of detailed information, it is best to make notes. The handwritten notes will significantly assist you in your revisions.

5. Preparation Tips for CA Final Costing

Read case studies first to get a sense of the pattern, then try solving them on your own. After you’ve practiced case studies, you can move on to other topics.

6. Preparation Tips for CA Final Elective papers

This paper’s exam is an open book pattern. As a result, read case studies for the exams papers.

7. Preparation Tips for CA Final DT

Direct tax can be a tiresome subject, so use examples and real-life scenarios to help in understanding each concept. The instances helps in making the subject more interesting and understandable.

8. Preparation Tips for CA Final IDT

GST is one of the important topic that receives 3/4th weighting in this exam. As a result, pay more attention to it. GST is covered in the articleship as well, so make an effort to learn it during professional training.

7 VSI students got AIR 1 in the last 10 years

Why Join VSI Jaipur for CA Final?

VSI Jaipur has set standards and given tough competition to all the CA Institutes with its astonishing results. It is all possible because of VSI’s unique approach towards its teaching method. This has been proved in the CA Final Result 2021 or if you go in the past also.

VSI’s student Ajay Agarwal got the ever-highest marks in the CA Final exams. Also VSI’s CA Final result pass percentage 2021 is enough to take it into consideration. Check the points below to know more about why you must join CA Final Coaching.

VSI Jaipur assists its students in preparing for the CA Final in three ways:

  • VSI Coaching classes are designed to assist students in gaining conceptual clarity. Rather than cramming the topics into your head, you can comprehend them. This will help you not only in exams but also with your CA career.
  • VSI Jaipur’s Mock Test Papers are extremely useful in preparing for the CA Final Exam. From time to time, VSI MTP will assist you in evaluating your performance and level of preparation. You can assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them.
  • The most remarkable feature of VSI Jaipur is personalized guidance to each and every student. Students can get guidance on every aspect of their CA Final journey.

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How to join VSI CA Final Classes?

VSI conducts CA Final classes in three ways:

  1. Face-to-face classes
  2. Online Classes
  3. Pen drive classes

The cost of both groups is Rs 90,000. Moreover, both the Group 1 and Group 2 Classes cost Rs 50000 each. For more details on classes, you can contact us on the below-mentioned details.

Address: K-50 Bhawana Tower Income Tax Colony, Tonk Road, Near Durgapura Bus Stand, Jaipur

Mobile Number: 7821-821-250 To 54, 93514-68666

For online courses: (+91) 9358-900-493, 9358-900-497


The CA Final preparation strategy and tips mentioned here are used by the many rank holders. However, everything can’t be shared in a blog; you need to join to assure the desired CA Final result. One thing can be confirmed that joining VSI will be fruitful for you in cracking the exams.

Hurry up and avail of the CA Final classes before it’s too late. Enroll with VSI Jaipur and score a good rank in your CA Final Exam.

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