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Electric Vehicles Such As Electric Unicycles And Scooters Are Becoming More Popular

In the early days of motoring, back in the late 19th century, it was the electric car that was the most popular type. It is somewhat ironic that now, in the early part of the 21st century, we are slowly but surely turning back towards electric motors to power our road vehicles. It’s not just cars and other large vehicles that we are equipping with electric motors, however. It has been possible to buy bicycles with electric motors to assist for a long time, but there is another form of electric vehicle that is rapidly becoming more popular.

Electric Vehicles Such As Electric Unicycles And Scooters Are Becoming More Popular

We are talking about portable vehicles: electric scooters and, perhaps most interesting of all, the electric unicycle. These compact, fun and very practical machines are being used for pleasure, and also to help people get to and from work – or where they need to be – and many people now use them daily, carrying them while on the bus or train, and simply unfolding them at the place they need to use them. It makes the morning commute a whole lot more fun, and it’s quicker, too. If you love speedy and stylish electric unicycle, then you should check this review Glide 3 is a motorized unicycle that has the perfect balance of performance, power, style, and price point, something you can’t often find in electric unicycles

What is an Electric Unicycle?

The first thing we should say is that an electric unicycle does not look like the unicycle you are thinking of! These are very compact devices; they have a single wheel clad in a body that also contains the small electric motor – small, yet powerful enough to carry you along at some speed! They also have two retractable platforms, one either side, on which you stand to ride. The best designs come with a handle that folds away when the device is in use, and extends so you can carry it when not in use.

There are many different makes and models on the market – you might want to check some of the best out at or have a look at this nice round up post for electric unicycles by WheelieFantastic – and they vary in terms of performance and price. However, all are useful for many different occasions, perhaps the most common usage being that commute to and from work. Do you have to walk to the bus or train stop to travel, and then walk from the final stop to your place of work? Or, do you drive into the city, park up and then walk to your workplace? In both of these instances, you will find the journey much easier if you could simply get off the bus or out of the car, unfold and switch on your electric unicycle, and away you go – faster and with less strain than walking!

What About Balancing?

The great thing about electric unicycles – apart from their practicality – is that they are designed to balance on their own when moving. They do this with the clever use of gyroscopes and accelerometers. We won’t go into the details of how they achieve it, as all you need to know is that you won’t fall off! They are easy to ride once you get the hang of it, and some can take you on a very exciting ride at more than 30mph – imagine doing that sort of speed on a single wheel with your hands free!

That sort of performance is not necessary if you are just going to use it for the commute – there are models that will do around 10mph and not far short of 20 miles on a single charge, and these are perfect for commuter use – but you might want to look at some of the up-market models if you are going to buy one for multi-purpose use! Check them out now, as they are becoming far more popular all the time.

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