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User Addiction Engineering: How Our Devices Designed to Keep Us On Track

Everything starts with AI. Almost all successful businesses – successful on a crazy level – use artificial intelligence to analyze data and to grow their power over online communities.

It is not as hard as it sounds. Factually, each time we scroll YouTube, its system collects data and eventually becomes more advanced. When a user does something, AI remembers. It helps companies to make decisions and to influence their audience more.

Attention costs money, so it is easy to understand why AI is the hottest topic of the last few years. Without this technology, we may never see the success of TikTok or the fall of Reddit, and who knows what the Web would look like without user addiction engineering?

User Addiction Engineering

by the Wired UK

Not That Easy to Make Us Addicted to Algorithms

Well, AI is not that strong. It will take companies hundreds of years to develop it to the level of controlling our minds.

Many companies are capable of working against artificial algorithms. For example, users can simply turn off tracking in the settings of their Facebook account, or use systems like goviral.pro to change the way users see their profiles (and how often).

It means that there is always a way to fight a new generation of AI. Even so, fighting may not be the best option here. This technology may become our future! So first of all, we need to understand how it works.

Briefly About AI

Sorry to burst the bubble of our new readers but AI is nothing but a huge collection of data. No magic, simple science in a nutshell.

AI systems function via processing large amounts of material. To do it, programs use installed algorithms to collect relevant data. But what makes this technology different from simple data gathering is its way of improving?

With each round of analyzing data, artificial intelligence becomes real intelligence. Performance improves with every cycle!

TikTok: The King of The Smartest AI-Usage on Its Users

Over recent years, the algorithms of TikTok have proven themselves to be better than ones YouTube and even Instagram use. They are more advanced and successful, and here are the main points why:

  1. TikTok recommendations are on the top of the AI world. Everything is tracked. Each like, each view, and each decision become new data
  2. The AI does not need users to choose their interests. It can choose itself.
  3. The algorithm improves the experience not only of content consumers but also of content creators.

We conclude that TikTok plays ahead of the curve, and tries to create a black hole impossible to avoid. By now, this platform is one of the brightest examples of AI usage. Why? Because everything works together well and does not bother the audience.

User addiction engineering may sound scary but we live in the world of content. Let’s hope that AI development will bring consistency to our feeds. No bad content anymore. Only the best user experience!

John Paul
John Paul
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