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Does Reseller Hosting Compromise Your Security?

Reseller web hosting is an enticing opportunity but there is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic for those who are new to making money with web hosting. Some users wonder if getting a reseller web hosting account will compromise the security of their website or files. In order to understand why reseller hosting is safe, easy, and often quite lucrative you should review these simple facts and tips regarding reseller hosting. Read on to discover what kind of security reseller web hosting can offer you and how else you might benefit from the hosting format.

Reseller Hosting Compromise

How Reseller Web Hosting Works 

Virtually all web hosting platforms work by allowing client access to industrial or commercial web servers. These servers are expensive to maintain and require everything from commercial cooling systems and high-tech maintenance on a regular basis. That’s why people and companies don’t host their website from a home computer or small remote server, but rather they lease or rent such server space from companies well-equipped to maintain the hardware and software involved.

There are countless varieties of hosting setups to choose from. These include Cloud hosting, VPS web hosting, shared hosting, reseller web hosting, and more. In fact, there is a lot of crossover in hosting technologies and your reseller account may be stored on a cloud server, Virtual Private Server, neither, or even both.

What really matters is that you choose a company who is well equipped to handle the traffic and level of securitythat your websites or clients’ websites require. Running into some of the newer technologies like VPS hosting systems can be a good indication that you’ve found a modern, capable web host with cutting-edge equipment.

With reseller website hosting, you not only get access to one segment of a server to store your website on, but multiple segments that you can then lease out to others. This is much akin to buying items or services in bulk or at wholesale to redistribute at a profit.

Reseller web hosting is perfect for those who want to start a web hosting company but don’t have the means to maintain all of the equipment and software involved in running such an operation. It’s also good for entrepreneurs who want a legitimate, turnkey business with a low initial investment. Reseller web hosting is one of the quickest ways to see a return on investment through online business.

Once you’ve acquired reseller web hosting you simply market your hosting offerings to others and bill them monthly for the hosting services. In many cases your client will not be able to tell that you are not the primary owner and operate of the physical servers on which the websites are being stored.

Security and Reseller Web Hosting 

One question that may come to mind when considering purchasing a reseller hosting account is the concern of file security. Some people who are new to reseller services wonder if others on your reseller plans will be able to see your files or each-others’ files at any point, considering all of the files are likely being stored on the same server.

It’s a good question, but the answer is no, reseller web hosting does not compromise your security. The files you store and the files your clients store through your reseller account will be separated by entire operating systems and file structures. There’s no way for a client to gain access to another clients’ files or those of your own.

Reseller website hosting is no less secure than any other form of hosting. Nearly all hosting providers place multiple websites on a single physical server without issue. This is made possible by the use of Virtual Private Server software and other technologies that authenticate users and web administrators accordingly.

Reseller web hosting can actually improve your security if you’re already hosting multiple websites on a shared server, which is a common situation for many website administrators. Without reseller web hosting all of your files sit together on a shared server where a single administrator can access any file.

This situation also allows for corrupt or malicious files to affect neighboring websites. Reseller web hosting eliminates this risk by compartmentalizing each website, or group of website if desired, to a unique hosting account.

Should You Get Reseller Web Hosting? 

Reseller web hosting is not for everyone; it generally costs more than single-user web hosting so if you don’t have multiple websites or intend to make money by selling web hosting then you might save money going another route. If you do run multiple websites either for yourself or others then reseller web hosting is likely to be the best purchase you’ll make regarding your online presence.

If you’re interested in making money online and want the benefits and security of an established company then reseller hosting plans with ssd offered on Supporthost is a great opportunity for you. The best thing about this online business is that you can choose the length of time for which you’re willing to give it a try.

For those potential web entrepreneurs whose interest level is a bit lower but are still curious about how much one could earn by selling hosting then choose a less-demanding reseller plan, perhaps one that offers monthly or six-month contracts. If you want to go all-in you can save a lot of money by purchasing a one-year or longer reseller plan and in-turn have a larger net profit from your sale revenue.

Many users of reseller plans make a part-time or even full-time income from the service and even a one-year contract isn’t much of an investment commitment at $20-$40 per month.

Reseller web hosting is fully secure and doesn’t compromise your file or financial security. It’s a good opportunity for many, especially those who run multiple websites, want to earn money online, or those who currently run web-based services and wish to further establish their authority and competence in their fields or strengthen their image and branding. If you may have a need for the service or want to see how much you could earn with a reseller account sign for a limited-time plan and give it a try.

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