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5 Main Benefits Of Choosing The Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

When you are making a decision to buy a managed dedicated server hosting, you need to analyze your business before. You should also learn about the customers or marketing targets whether the website with dedicated hosting will be compatible with them or not. In other words, you must not only focus on technical matters only.

5 Main Benefits Of Choosing The Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

But if you have been so sure that the dedicated server hosting is your ultimate choice, it seems you don’t make a bad decision at all. There are indeed some main benefits if you use this service. What are they?

Full Administrative Control

In the dedicated server hosting, you can choose the IP address for the dedicated server and hosting. It is really important and beneficial in which you have full administrative control for your server and hardware. Sure, it is possible also for you to give a unique identity for the server.


The dedicated server hosting works more optimally as it only serves one particular site or company. The users’ experience is improved through the higher speed even when the traffic has been really crowded. Consequently, the bouncing level tends to be lower. What is bouncing level? It is the measurement of visitors’ ratio that only accesses your website once in one page only and they are not back in the future.

More SEO Benefits

Similar to any other things in the digital environment, your server hosting plays a big role for your organic website rank. Meanwhile, the dedicated server hosting enables your website to be accessed much faster. It also lessens the bouncing level, improves the visitors’ experiences, and makes sure that you are not trapped in the bad and unhealthy environment.

This is something you cannot simply find if you share your server hosting with others. It is possible for those neighbors to play with the same rules. Imagine if one of the neighbor websites is punished by Google because it is considered dangerous. There is a big possibility your website is also influenced affected starting from the visitors decrease to the penalties. So, for the security as well as more SEO benefits, this hosting is indeed much more recommended.


The dedicated hosting server gives you unbeatable services regarding the security system. In fact, the bigger a business is, the data kept must be more sensitive. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose the shared server hosting in which the data theft and fraud are more impossible to be done.

In the dedicated hosting server, it is operated by featuring the security patch along with its regular updates to protect the files. This attempt tends to minimize the possibility of the security breach. In general, all the businesses must be able to prepare the upgrade potentials in the future.


The dedicated server hosting provides the freedom to custom the server based on the personal and professional needs. If you are able to optimize your website in term of designs and performance, there is a higher chance for you to find more customers. Well, in the era of tight competition, being more unique is really necessary.

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