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Does Your Website Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

If you are tired of your website being affected by other sites on the same server, you need more space to accommodate a growing number of website visitors, or you feel you have outgrown your current web hosting plan. This means you may benefit from a dedicated server. A dedicated hosting server lets you have an entire server for your application, website, and business.

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What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting gives your business or website a server. You have exclusive rights to all of the processing power on the server. Therefore, you do not have to worry about issues from sharing resources with other customers. You are able to host multiple sites and run numerous applications quickly while benefiting from high-grade security.

A dedicated server can be the lifeblood of your business if you take advantage of all of the critical components of the server. In addition to powering your website, it becomes an integral part of your organization’s day-to-day routine.

Does Your Website Need Dedicated Hosting?

If you own a mid-size or large company that has 500 or more employees and that manages large amounts of data, dedicated server hosting may be right for you. This would be especially beneficial if your business has a massive database, an extensive supply chain, and hundreds of e-commerce transactions on an hourly basis.

Information technology businesses, system administrators, and developers that require their server environment to be customized to set specifications while running resource-intensive web applications will also benefit from a dedicated server. This includes custom software, content management systems, API-driven applications, SaaS, and e-commerce sites.

Web hosting resellers require a dedicated server to host their client’s website. With a dedicated server, your organization can manage your clients in one place without the need to manage various hosting accounts on multiple providers. 

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

According to Liquid Web, dedicated hosting plans “tend to be more expensive than shared or VPS but can give you better performance, security, and flexibility, especially for those requiring custom configurations or specific hardware.” Dedicated servers reduce downtime, giving you the speed, power, and pace needed to thrive.

The single-tenant infrastructure of dedicated hosting means that the server is only used by you. You don’t have to worry about having malicious sites or adult sites sharing your IP and impacting your website’s rankings.

Dedicated servers have infinite amounts of storage for enterprise websites and applications. There is more than enough room on the primary drive and secondary drive’s backup files. This guarantees that you never lose critical business data.

Enjoy Improved Security with Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers offer better security. Since you have complete control over security with a dedicated server, there is no chance of a critical failure because of other customers’ lack of security measures. You choose the operating system to run, what patches to install, and when to install them.

The high-grade security with dedicated servers protects your site from DDoS and other types of cyber-attacks. The security protocols with dedicated hosting plans are PCI compliant. This means that you can safely process and store sensitive data.

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