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Do Not Miss The Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017!

There is going to be a total solar eclipse in America on the 21st of August this year. Many people in the USA and across the world are excited about this event as it is taking place in the nation after 38 years. The lower states of the USA will be able to witness the event as it last saw a total solar eclipse in 1979.

Do Not Miss The Solar Eclipse

An exciting event you cannot afford to miss

The event will be an engaging and entertaining affair for not only the people in the USA but for residents of Canada and Mexico as well. They, however, will see a partial solar eclipse and the whole event will be telecast live to around 500 million people. 10 million inhabitants will be able to witness a total solar eclipse on this day, and about 28 million people will be able to see a partial solar eclipse.

Take safety precautions on this day

When you are watching a solar eclipse, you must ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions. You should use proper eye gear like eclipse glasses. This will help you take a look at the solar eclipse without any harm at all. You will find that the day will seem like twilight as the sun disappears behind the moon. This will result in a drop in the temperature, and you might also witness streaks of light around the moon that covers the sun. The area from South Carolina to the state of Oregon will become dark. This means people who are in this path will witness an unforgettable experience. To know more about this spectacular Solar Eclipse 21st-Aug-2017, please

You must ensure that you do not take a look at the sun on this day without proper eye gear or else it might lead to blindness. Ensure that you spread the word to others.

Do Not Miss The Solar Eclipse

What will you experience during this day?

Residents that are on the path of totality will as mentioned above experience twilight during the day time. This, of course, is an extraordinary feeling. Way back in 1979 residents experienced a similar condition. They will feel like a shadow of darkness is approaching them during the start of the eclipse and as the time subsides, this shadow of darkness moves away from them. Those people that are living in the continental USA however will experience a condition that is different. They will not be able to experience this cloak of darkness coming and moving away from them.

The duration of the solar eclipse depends on where you are based on its path of totality. Scientists have revealed that the maximum time of this total solar eclipse will last for approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds. This time is for people that are based on the path of totality. However, if you are away from this path of totality the time of the solar eclipse will reduce. Those people that stand on the edge of the path of totality will only experience the solar eclipse for a few minutes!

Do Not Miss The Solar Eclipse

The wonder is ok for your eyes

Researchers clear up that it is ok for individuals to witness the event of an aggregate sun powered obscuration yet they have to utilize binoculars. In any case, they alert these people that this period is brief. These specialists encourage them to utilize distinctive gadgets to shield the retinas of their eyes from destructive bright beams of the sun and radiation amid the sessions paving the way to the occasion and a while later. To discover more about this occasion, please sign on to solar-obscure

Specific area of the nation will encounter finish obscurity

Amid the Great American Solar Eclipse, a term researchers use to call to this critical cosmic occasion, numerous ranges of the nation will encounter add up to dimness notwithstanding amid the day. Many individuals may view this episode as captivating while others may state that it appears to be frightening. Be that as it may, there will be sure regions where the occupants will witness halfway light. This is on account of these specialists foresee that way of this specific sun based obscuration will cover a slanting band of 73 miles.

Do Not Miss The Solar Eclipse

The following wonder won’t happen until 2024

Researchers clarify that aggregate sun powered obscurations happen at consistent interim after each couple of years. Be that as it may, because of the Earth’s turn, individuals who can witness such a cosmic occasion fluctuate as per the nations they live in. For example, people dwelling in the Southeastern district of Asia could see such a marvel in 2016. Once more, those in South America will have the capacity to see one in 2019.

Researchers go ahead to state individuals in eleven American states will have the benefit of this marvel in 2017 on the grounds that they dwell specifically in its way.

Author bio:  Sujain Thomas is a professor of astronomy at Harvard. Her articles have been published in reputed journals all over the world.

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