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San Francisco-Based—Inflect, Eases Process For Internet Infrastructure Procurement

Once the organization reaches the level where it takes a decision to jump out of the comfort level in terms of its Internet infrastructure that include public cloud such as AWS and establish its own infrastructure of the network, majority of the time, it gets intricate. The complication starts from choosing hardware, data centers network service providers. And next phase comes where the team handling the setup project is completely clueless from where and how to purchase these network related stuff.

Identifying the need for assistance required by clients for the procurement of hardware, Inflect—a San Francisco-based company intends to make the whole purchasing process smooth and hassle-free. The key focus will be on the organizations that are in plans to move their own private cloud from a public cloud. The requirement might be due to specific needs and one-time investment cost.
Conventionally, telco and data are acquired manually. The team responsible for the set up have to examine lots of specifications and parameters, verify and approved it, and later proceed towards the finalization of the purchase. This overall all-traditional process results in loss of productivity for infrastructure team.

The aim of the Inflect is to provide a common and neutral platform that will help companies to find the perfect solutions as per their requirement and link with the exact infrastructure providers. It wants to bridge the users with a huge variety of sources. The service is totally free for time being, but the company plans to monetize it by making way for the buyers to openly buy the products and services through its platform.

Though the overall scenario appears to be uncomplicated and smooth, the problem isn’t yet solved. The team affirmed that the major obstacle is to obtain all the data from the service providers, who a majority of the time, themselves don’t have easy access to the data. And even if they have it, service providers don’t give the data willingly unless and until there is a service on the other hand. On the other hand, Inflect totally emphasizes on the concerns of data availability. The company has a strong connection and network in the telco industry owing to which it easily delivers the data to the users where others fail.

At the current stage, Inflect is more focused on the companies that are shifting from Amazon’s AWS platform and intend to build their own servers. The team will also provide support to other platform users.

Handling the position of Head of Admin and Networking at Zion Market Research, Sandip is a tech geek constantly looking out for niche innovations in the field of Networking and Technology. He can be reached at Facebook | Twitter |


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