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Which Is More Important For A Business- Blog Content Or Social Media Content?

There is a wise saying that says, “Do not choose between two good things; choose both!” This amply illustrates the fact that as a business, you cannot afford to ignore either, the blogs or content in social media. It is definitely true that some business may be better suited to opt for one as compared to the other. Blog contents are more informative and detailed. Here, the visitors get answers to their queries, get more information on the product and services. Blog content can be more technical too, considering the fact that the visitors are likely to spend more time on it. On the other hand, social media content is best suited as a vehicle for new product launches, offers and discounts, and many more such announcements where you need a high visibility and get connected across a large section of your target population.

Blog Content Or Social Media Content

How Can One Make A Choice?

Social media content as compared to blogs can suit certain types of businesses more than blog contents. For example, a business which needs to create more buzz about its product, which is created for the general consumers, would prefer to opt for social media content. A fashion business would prefer social media content, as there is no point in having long blog content which the consumer may not be very interested or eager to know in detail. What the customer may be interested in, are new product launches, discounts, and offers, opening of new outlets.

Moreover, imagine certain businesses, like those dealing in gifting or small consumer electronic items, apparels or personal grooming. For them, it would be ideal to have a sizeable presence in social media. They can take advantage of the upcoming social events, festivities and trending occasions to make the best of their buzz.

Making The Most Of The Blog Content

Blog contents are best suited for a business that requires more engagement for the stake holders. These can be high-value items, or for business in IT, software or any technical product and services for which more careful and considered decision making is involved. In these situations, a potential customer would like to have more in-depth information about the product and services.

Moreover, it is ideal for those businesses, which cater to a targeted customer segment. These customers are those who are actively looking for such information. Blog contents, therefore, must be SEO compliant. They must rank high, so as to be visible when someone searches for related information.

Making The Most Of The Blog Content

Making The Best Of Both

 Ideally, a judicious mix of both works best. However, it is not just the medium that is important. Equally, or more important is the content that businesses put up in the social media or blogs. Unless the content is good, which means people should feel happy reading it, there is not much use of deciding which medium is best. Without good content, the social media or blogs on your own website, are going to be of any help in driving the business. There is absolutely no substitute for good content.

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