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How to Do My Essay Without a Hitch?

Essay writing process is an invaluable skill which enables students to gain various skills transferable in different subjects. Essay writing enables students to refine their organization skills and techniques. This means that learners gain the focus for exploring and consolidating the concepts they learned through essay writing process. Assignments allow students to develop and organize their understanding of the key concepts and issues within a specific discipline.

In this way, an outstanding essay enhances the instructors to assess the degree and progress of the students in various scopes. Moreover, the concise, clear, coherent and efficient flow of information in an essay convey the transition of knowledge from the instructor to the students.

This article will, therefore, explore how to do an essay without a hitch.

Why can it be so difficult to write your essay?

  • Insufficient groundwork prompts insecurity and frustration

Preparation and practice in classwork enhance good writing skills. This is the greatest setback amongst many students. Therefore, the challenge of grammar and spelling mistakes discourage many students from practicing a writing career. Insufficient preparation for writing essays has discouraged many students since they believe in getting everything right. Writers at urge students to develop a good foundation of essay writing through the healthy usage of grammar and language.

  • No right answers

Writing essays has proved exclusively challenging for students since there are no conventional definite answers. Experts from remind that there are various approaches to writing. Some writers emotionally practice writing without considering other viable and concrete approaches to writing essays. A professional teaching of writing structure and processes like brainstorming, outline, rough draft and a final copy may equip the learners with relevant skills and encourage them to create good essays.

  • Writing is relatively hard

The negative notion and perception about writing have discouraged even the most talented and gifted writers from writing career. The students have been radicalized to believe that the writing process requires extra effort to accomplish yet all breakthrough in brain development engages peculiar and extra efforts. It takes a lot of thinking from students to handle and organize abstract thinking to communicate sensible facts. The intense exasperation while combing out refine ideas to draft a final copy further prompts insecurity in students to pick up the task of writing. The frustration in writing is associated with the time involved in the process.

Top 10 tips for writing essays in college

One of the main tips is mastering the various formats applied in writing essays to avoid format errors. Among them are MLA, APA, Chicago and others.

Having a concise but strong title for your essay. The student should ensure that they have sufficient knowledge regarding the subjects of the topic before deciding to work on it. A complex topic would be difficult to write on due to the lack of ideas. It is also important to reveal all the main points in an essay so to avoid writing a paper that does not make sense.

Write and rewrite to produce a refined final copy. This involves the clear organization of points and essay structure. As well, ensure that all the paragraphs begin with a topic sentence and that the essay has a clear thesis statement.

Stay focused and do not try to get funny to the extent that the essay will lose its meaning. Humor is a tip of writing an interesting essay but only when used to a certain limit.

Put the strong, clear and concise paragraph forward. This helps in capturing the attention of the reader as well as making them understand the topic well.

Involve the second opinion from colleagues and peers. Second opinions help in expansion of an essay hence avoiding the questions that might arise from the other students.

Maintain and keep an open mind while writing an essay. An open mind helps in the brainstorming process to ensure that the written points are precise. As well, it helps in differentiating the strong points from the weak ones.

Proofreading the work after writing is essential to correct the mistakes. Among such mistakes are grammatical errors, unclear explanations, and plagiarism. A proofread work is a guarantee of a high-quality essay.

Resist from writing pack or common essay. A good essay has to be unique, and this can only be guaranteed by a unique topic to avoid an essay that is too obvious to understand.

Also, it is important to plan an essay before commencing to write it. It helps the student avoid the common mistake of mixing up points. As a result, they end up with a precise essay.

How to write an essay if you have a tight deadline?

Deadline restriction is one the most threatening and frustrating moments while crafting an essay. The grammatical mistakes are increasingly common in essays with a restricted deadline. Though students might struggle to meet the deadline, the content of the essay may be off from the topic. Writing an essay on a tight deadline is simple and easy. The most fundamental concepts here is reading to understand the ideas. Also, this is followed by the organization of the ideas from the most compelling points to the least points. It’s important to take the shortest time to draft down these ideas. The writer should then revise, and proof checks the content. Finally, they should complete the essay by fixing the necessary styles and format required.


In conclusion, improving writing skills is a journey developed over time. Students should master the basic tips required to develop an essay. Meanwhile, the instructor should advise the students to develop positive attitudes towards writing process. All the major development in the brain requires extra effort to accomplish positive results. Hence, keeping in mind the various tips on writing a good essay is a key factor in ensuring that the student has written good quality essays.

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