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Some SEO Myths that Are Miles Away from Reality

Search Engine Optimization seems to be changing constantly and search sites are constantly updating for improving the way data is being displayed thus, the marketers have no other option but to stay in a condition of relentless adaptation. Because of this continuous change, myths are doing the rounds. Search engines are capable of sharing only limited information regarding the way they have changed. Here are some myths to assist you in sorting out the fact from a work of fiction.

Some SEO Myths

Myth No.1: SEO Is Supposed To Be Free Traffic

Business owners keep saying repeatedly that SEO is supposed to be free traffic. In order to reap the benefits that come from the free organic traffic, owners of businesses require investing a reasonable amount of time, technology, and technical expertise for ensuring a good ranking.

Myth No.2: Stuff Content with More & More Keywords

Many companies believe that if the content is overstuffed with keywords, they would achieve instant SEO success. There is no point in incorporating keywords in this unprofessional manner into your content. Moreover, it is disastrous to use description tags in a senseless manner. Get in touch with reputed and trustworthy companies like for perfect and prompt SEO solutions.

Myth No.3: There is A Penalty for Duplicate Content

Irrespective of the popular belief, there seems to be absolutely no penalty for duplicate content. There is, however, a filter. Whenever Google comes across two or even more versions of almost similar copy, they would scrutinize the content and choose the content that seems more authoritative and it would eventually filter out the duplicate content. However, your website would not be penalized at all for generation of duplicate content.

Myth No.4: Paid Search Impacts Organic SEO

You must realize that organic SEO results are not the outcome of the paid search. Paid advertising like PPC or Pay-per-Click does not impact organic search results as such.  Yahoo and Google and other such search engines would be maintaining a distinction between the paid advertisements and organic results.  We have seen advertisers investingmillions of dollars in their effort to boost organic results. However, the notion that paid search would impact organic Search Engine Optimization, is actually a myth.

Myth No.5: Higher Rankings Would Automatically Imply More Money

Many companies sternly believe that higher rankings or greater visibility in the search engines would automatically lead to a sure boost in revenue. This is a complete misconception. Numerous keywords would be having different levels of search volume and buyer intention that could be impacting the bottom line. The UX or user experience also plays a pivotal role.


We have been simply able to touch the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other SEO myths you need to debunk. Most people believe that content is all in all, as far as SEO success is concerned. It is a plain and simple misconception. Optimization would necessitate a host of practices that may include relevant content and quality link-building. A website with robust content and poor mobile optimization and images would not be getting a higher ranking on the search engine results page. Remember to make modifications that are based precisely on user behavior. Only then Google would be rewarding you.  At the end, you must remember that the greatest myth is that you must necessarily get the No.1 ranking for SEO success. There is no harm in being ranked no.4 or even no.5. Your SEO strategy must concentrate on ranking for related keywords which are used by consumers in the search engines so that you could get more leads, visitors, and potential customers.

Author Bio: Linda Stewart is an SEO expert and SMM consultant attached to a private SEO company. She manages her official blog and offers effective SEO tips, tricks, and resources such as Sand Crest for prompt and perfect SEO solutions.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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