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Customer is king

Maintaining the connection 

     No matter the business, the most important thing is to keep a positive relationship with the client. He/she determines whether a company is or will be successful. Therefore, it is rather indisputable that working on the connection’s improvement should be the primary goal of any CEO.

Customer is king

Following the technology

     Nowadays, almost all of the communication is based on the Internet. People talk through their phones, computers and tablets. Not only business conversations are held this way, interviews for employment and international conferences as well.

What are the negatives?

     Some people may say that such a communication through artificial devices is inefficient and ineffective, yet, let’s focus on the more technical difficulties. One of the most bothering downsides is the cost of a usual call or text message. Especially when you work in an international company and calling overseas is your staff of life.

The perfect solution?

     Fortunately, there is a nice fix for this problem. As the technology goes forward, there are more and more applications dealing with possible ways of building a channel between a customer and a company. One of the most recent ones is Apifonica.com.

What is it exactly?

     Such programs as Apifonica make it possible for the customers, employers and employees to communicate via various channels, including SMS, Push, social messengers and though voice. What is more, you can easily switch between them and keep history of all conversation and interactions as the application is cloud based.

    Another plus point is the possibility to communicate internationally. Therefore, it is a perfect solutions for well-developed companies that operate internationally. There is also a possibility to weave new features of the applications into technology suits already existing. And, in the case of difficult roadmaps and limited R&D resources a group of specialists is ready to adapt certain features to your company software.

Improving the relationship with the customer

     Even though it may not seem to be the element of greatest importance, the communication with the customer can determine any company’s success. What is more, not only the relationship with the client matters, but the one between employees and employers as well. Sometimes no matter the skills and experience people have in a company, it is the basic flow of information that keeps any organisation in line, as the easy-maintained communication helps to streamline any operation.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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