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5 Amazing Gifts for a Motorcycle Rider

The festive season is knocking our doors, and we all are making a list of gifts to give our beloved ones. Choosing the right gift for the right person is not an easy task. Well, in this blog I’ll list down some items that may not be helpful for all, but if you are looking for an ideal gift for a motorcycle rider, I have suggestions about some out-of-the-box essential motorcycle equipment that you can gift them, which can surely blow your as well as their mind.

Gifts for a Motorcycle Rider

1. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the most essential and basic accessories for a bike rider. But now bike riders prefer Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. Let’s know why a Bluetooth helmet can be the best gift for a motorcycle rider –

We all know that helmet is a must for our safety but having Bluetooth facility in it keeps the biker gang connected when they go for a long ride. If all your friends are connected through Bluetooth, then no one has to wait for the others to inform him about any change in the plan or route. It will be simultaneously received by all at once.

Apart from this, Bluetooth connectivity also lets a biker to ride his bike freely without paying attention to his smartphone. The advantages of having a Bluetooth Helmet does not end here. The Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet can be accessed as a multimedia source. It allows you to listen to your playlist-on-the-go or radio station without the need for any other wired accessory.

So now you understand how a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can be a wonderful gift for a motorcycle rider. Though if you are not yet convinced, I’ll tell you its biggest advantage, i.e., a Bluetooth helmet gives you a better GPS navigation experience. GPS navigation through Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is very crisp, loud and audible.

2. Motorcycle earplugs

Motorcycle earplug is as important as a helmet is for a biker. Usually, a biker thinks about the protection of his head, knees, and elbows and forgets about the protection of his ears. The hearing ability of a biker is always on risk while riding. The noise of air can be very dangerous for the bikers. Motorcycle earplugs are like a boon for the motorcycle riders.

Let’s talk about the other advantages of using a set of earplugs while riding –

Protection from Noise – The main job of earplugs is to protect the motorcycle rider from the noise. Earplugs used for this purpose are made of metal which helps them restrict noise reaching the biker’s ears. Earplugs are also effective to shut down the low-frequency noise and make your ears feel comfortable at the same time.

It doesn’t disconnect the rider from the real world – Total silence is scary, especially when you are on the road and riding a motorcycle.  So if any earplugs claim to prevent noise from reaching your ears, ignore them. Good earplugs don’t stop the noise from reaching your eardrums; it just doesn’t let the noise to reach to your ears directly. With earplugs, the motorcycle rider can hear the sounds through bone conduction at a lower frequency level than what it actually is.

Wind protection and comfort – Earplugs are also important to give protection to the motorcycle rider’s ear from the wind.  When the motorcycle of a rider runs on 65-70 km, the wind, if directly exposed can be harsh for your ears. Earplugs help the rider in this situation and reduce the force of the wind.

3. Throttle lock

A throttle lock is a type of cruise control. It’s easy to install and easy to use the device. Throttle lock helps the biker to maintain a uniform speed. Most bikes have a strong grip which can cause muscle pain and other issues. This thing can be even worse on a bumpy road. This is where a throttle lock helps the motorcycle rider.

A throttle lock holds the throttle in any position the motorcycle rider wants it to be. It maintains the biker’s speed on the highway which helps his hand muscles to relax. If the biker wants to change the speed, he can simply roll the throttle lock.

4. Multi-tool Box-

You can gift to your rider friends multi-tool box. A multi-tool box is very important if the person is love to travel via motorcycle. So, you can gift this box; I am sure he will be happy.

5. Motorcycle Suit

For a motorcycle rider, nothing can be as cool as the motorcycle suit. It gives the rider protection from crashes and other unfortunate incidents. It also provides proper comfort to the rider. You can choose from the two options, a one-piece motorcycle suit or a two-piece motorcycle suit for your friends at

The one-piece motorcycle suit is perfect for the long rides. It is safe and comfortable for the motorcycle riders. A two-piece motorcycle suit is low on cost as compared to one piece motorcycle suit. It is preferable for the short distance rides. The best part about the suit is that you can wear its jacket with other bottoms as well. And yes, two-pieces motorcycle suit has pockets to give you that extra space. These are my list of cool gifts to a motorcycle rider. What is yours?

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