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Quiz Application Kahoot is now used by 50% Students in US

Kahoot an online quiz application which has recently touched the 50% Milestone mark in the United States. Having 75% Active users and 51 Million Active quiz games on their database. It’s become a viral now, We can say, This is one of the first quiz application which goes viral in no short of time.

Currently, Kahoot is being used by Kindergarten to 12th Grade students. The reason, It Converts the learning into an interesting quiz gameplay which I think everyone loves to play. It’s like a challenge and points. However, the teachers in the US are also using this application to Do Kahoot create groups, Quizzes and then pass it to the students for completion.

Quiz Application Kahoot

Kahoot – Your Quiz Gameplay

The Startup of Kahoot has now become more successful as it’s used by many businesses or as a Training course. Which also provided some business opportunities to the small business or schools. With the help of 50 Million Plus, active users and the database which has been created by users are helping many students around the world.

Kahoot is a free application and an online platform which is available for both Android and iPhone users. but the one question that confused us how they will be earning? After providing everything for free? Let’s check it out.

How is Kahoot Making Money?

Kahoot is making money by contacting the big business owners for advertising and then charging some heck amount from them. As they are having 51 Million active users and by providing services free to them they are earning from top leading business owners.

Not only that they are also earning from students by providing access to premium courses made by them in Optimal affordable price.

Where Students can create Kahoot Game Pins, Access to the premium content. The games pins can also be generated in the free access through.

However, For the full research, you can visit TechCrunch.

Content on Kahoot are they Open for Everyone?

Currently, Kahoot is open to everyone to generate their content in the application and share publicly to the worldwide users as they want some big companies to get enrolled into it. However, You can even ask the questions in the kahoot community and get the help from the users online there.

This is one of the interesting parts of this application. Not only It will turn your learning into a interesting gameplay but it will also focus to provide you delightful experience while you are using this application.

Final words:

Currently, This application is free for everyone and anyone can have easy access on it just they have to create an account on kahoot and if they want to contribute on their community, then they can easily do it. Even, You can create the tasks for the students as there must be a reason why its Popular in the United States according to the recent report.

Reason can be the UI design and Easy to access features of Kahoot, but Trust me It’s one of the best application i am currently using it.

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