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Creating Salesforce Developer Account

Knowing about the Salesforce developer account is required if you want to be a good user of Salesforce. If you know the right steps, then it is really easy to open the developer account in Salesforce. It will only take a few minutes to open the developer account in Salesforce.

In Salesforce you can find a free developer edition which allows you to develop the applications for It is unlikely that you miss an important edition for your needs since there are many editions provided by Salesforce. Every edition has unique features serving the specific needs of the users and the customers.

Creating Salesforce Developer AccountSalesforce also provides some paid editions to its customers. The paid editions are-

  • Contact manager edition
  • Professional edition
  • Group edition
  • Enterprise edition
  • Unlimited edition

How to create a Salesforce developer account?

In order to create a Salesforce developer account, go to Click on the Join Now link which will take you to the registration page.

Fill in the details carefully. Make sure that the username you are putting is in the right format. The details required to be filled in the form are- first and last name, email address, company name, postal code and country. Click on the sign me up button when you are sure, you have put the right information in place.

The next step is setting up of the password with the help of link sent to your email. Open your mailbox and you will find a notification from Salesforce with a link which is used to set the password. Click the link and you will be allowed to set the password. The registration process is completed after you set the password.

Now you have set your Salesforce developer account. You can now use the Salesforce developer platform to create new applications or you can customize the standard apps to serve your needs.

Limitations of the developer account in Salesforce

  • However when you use the developer edition you will have the following limitations in Salesforce.
  • Only 5MB data storage will be available
  • In 24 hours period you can have only 5000 API request
  • For file storage you have only 20MB of storage
  • You have only 500 MB a day bandwidth and you have only 10 minutes service request time.

Thus it takes only 5 minutes to open a Salesforce developer account. You don’t have to spend any money or provide too much information to create your account. That is why you can register and start creating applications in Salesforce in just a few minutes. This article provides easy steps to create a developer account in Salesforce which you can easily apply and get the result.

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