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Cost Segregation Services Explained

Contrary to some misunderstandings, income tax cost segregation is different from property tax cost segregation.

Cost segregation allows you to depreciate your property more quickly, allowing you to keep more cash flow free of taxes. For example, if a rental generates a cash flow of $100,000 after all cash expenses (insurance, maintenance, property taxes, leasing, etc.), but you can claim $100,000 in depreciation through CS, you will not pay any income tax. Local governments levy property taxes to fund schools, roads, and other services. They should be recognized as an annual expense in the operation of your property.

Cost Segregation Services

Cost segregation services are provided before or after a property is purchased to provide the customer with precise information and data for their financial records from the beginning of the year, if feasible. As time passes, the procedure becomes a lot less of a nuisance. As goods wear out and are replaced, organizing and maintaining things in a set order becomes easier.

In a nutshell, cost segregation is the process of reclassifying components of your business structure from real to personal property. It is a popular strategic tax planning method that enables businesses and individuals that have built, purchased, enlarged, or remodeled any type of real estate to boost cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and postponing federal and state income taxes.

Is Cost Segregation Services Worth the Energy?

It’s best to consult experts before purchasing, acquiring, or developing a property. It would be essential to evaluate if a cost segregation study is right for you and talk with your CPA at the outset of the process. Talking to an export is a great help in the process to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary hassle in the future. People might take advantage of those who are not familiar with the technicalities of cost segregation.

The Advantages of Cost Segregation Services

  • Using accelerated depreciation procedures, it is possible to reduce the useful life of assets. The taxpayer decreases current federal taxable income by obtaining the maximum deduction allowed by the tax rules by using a cost segregation approach. In other words, when cost segregation works for you and your situation, you can save more by getting taxed less.
  • Cost segregation services are also capable of substantial accelerated tax deductions.
  • This process will also increase your cash flow.
  • special depreciation allowances.
  • The taxpayer decreases current federal taxable income by obtaining the maximum deduction allowed by the tax rules by using a cost segregation approach.

Who Should Consider Cost Segregation Services?

A taxpayer can apply for or should probably consider cost segregation services if:

  • The firm is going to develop or acquire a building, or has just done so.
  • The firm recently remodeled a facility that it owns or leases.
  • At least $300,000 was spent on construction, purchase, and refurbishment.

Properties That Qualify for Cost Segregation Services

  • Office buildings
  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail centers
  • Apartment buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities (both heavy and light)
  • Hotels/motels
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Theaters
  • Research and development centers
  • Golf courses

Calculations and Processes in Cost Segregation Services

In the case of properties, cost segregation services is the process of breaking down a structure into its separate components— into four categories, namely:

(1) Personal property: Personal property includes anything you choose, such as kitchen fixtures or table lamps, and can be expensed over a five-year period or longer.

(2) Land improvements: Land improvements, such as parking lots, walkways, and landscaping, can be deferred for up to 20 years.

(3) Building: If the building is commercial, it is expensed over 40 years (or 25 years if it is residential).

(4) Land: The cost of the land is not included in the budget.

Under accelerated methods of depreciation, the components that qualify as personal property and land improvements possess a shorter useful lifespan. Tangible personal property has a five-to seven-year useful life, but land improvements have a fifteen-year useful life. You may want to avoid being questioned and even challenged in an audit. It’s important to keep in mind that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has trained its agents and published instructions that can be used in audit scenarios.This is one of the reasons why it’s best to opt to hire a professional to help you with the process.

Cost Segregation Services: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a cost segregation study take?

A cost segregation study can take about thirty to sixty (30-60) days. The length of time it takes to complete a project is typically determined by the size of the project and whether all of the necessary information and papers are given upfront.

What documents will be needed?

  • Architectural drawings
  • The construction budget for the project (if not included in the contract)
  • Contractor’s payment applications throughout the project
  • Construction contract
  • Change orders
  • The contractor’s final application for payment
  • The total project cost

How much will the cost of the segregation study cost?

Fees for completing research normally run from $5,000 to $15,000, with an average ROI of 54 to 1 for most clients. That’s right, if a corporation spends $10,000 on a cost segregation study, they’ll likely get a net present value gain of $540,000, but then again, it’s all dependent on property type and the purchase price. There is no exact number for how much you will be paying for a cost segregation study. It always depends on the size of the property, building type, and all its other physical characteristics.

People usually say that business is a game of chance. It’s a fast-paced field, and there is a lot that people need to keep up with. In business, you need to think critically, take risks, expand your horizons, and achieve success. It’s critical to remember that the cost is a paper loss, and secondly, time matters. This implies that the higher you can get it, the less money you’ll have to pay taxes on. It would be helpful to research and get to know the field more intimately. This will help you think smarter and make better decisions.

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