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Computer or Mobile Device — Which One Is Better for Free Online Games?

The iGaming industry has developed significantly in recent years. Apart from the number and quality of games, there has also been an upgrade when it comes to the devices used for this activity.

Computer or Mobile Device — Which One Is Better for Free Online Games

When first online gaming sites appeared, there was no device other than your desktop computer or laptop for playing online games. Then, when smartphones came into being, software developers noticed how glued we all are to our portable devices and started to focus on mobile gaming.

Today, you can choose the device you want to use for online gaming — it can be your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. But is any of these better than the others? Our team has done some digging and came up with a conclusion. Read on to learn more!

Desktop Computer Online Games

The first online games were created for PCs and laptops exclusively, and all of them can still be accessed via these devices. Whatever game you’d like to play, it will highly likely be available when you load it via your desktop computer.

Another thing players consider very important and one of the advantages of desktop computer online gaming is the size of the screen. Even if you are not a fan of big devices, you must admit that a big screen makes every online activity much more enjoyable. Plus, if you have a Bluetooth mouse, you can sit comfortably on your couch and play games online.

However, you would have to do it using your preferred web browser instead of simply downloading a popular app for free online games such as Slotomania.

Why is downloading an app a good thing? Well, it allows for quick access to your favorite titles and skips several steps you need to take when playing games using the computer.

Mobile Gaming

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of mobile gaming is that you can download an app for online gaming and have your favorite title under your fingertips whenever you want to have some fun.

There are various apps out there but the best ones are those that are free, of course. One such app is Vegas Downtown Slots, which features a great number of interesting games and can keep you occupied for quite some time.

Yet, the main reason why so many players choose mobile gaming these days is convenience. These tiny devices enable you to play online games no matter where you are — during your lunch break or your daily commute, or even while waiting in line in a supermarket. You can even use your smartphone (or tablet) to play games while sunbathing in your backyard.

Also, you can play various types of games — free card games, bingo, or slots — the choice is all yours. Even watching a movie on the go is possible thanks to these tiny devices.

If you are planning to spend a lot of time playing these interesting games, remember that your phone has a battery that can’t last forever. At some point, you will have to charge your device and stop your online gaming session, even if you’re in the middle of a successful game.


After a careful examination of the pros and cons of desktop and mobile gaming, the votes are divided. In other words, you should choose a device for playing online games by taking a few factors into consideration.

If you are at home most of the time, there’s no reason to stare at a small screen when you can have an enjoyable online gaming experience and see everything clearly on your big monitor.

Yet, when it comes to gaming on the go, a mobile device is your best friend. Just make sure you have a fully charged battery and a good internet connection and you won’t feel bored ever again, no matter where you are!

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