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CompTIA Certifications Are Building Blocks For IT Careers

CompTIA is a vendor-neutral platform, providing professional certifications which are specially designed to support and improve an organization’s IT infrastructure and different cloud-based career paths.  

CompTIA recently launched its Infrastructure Career Program. This new program consists of those certifications that are specially designed to help professionals to design and manage IT infrastructures of their organization. CompTIA certifications can be divided into the following 4 levels of certifications:

CompTIA Core Certifications

CompTIA core certifications provide elementary level skills and help to build your foundational knowledge of cloud operations, IT infrastructure and cyber security operations. CompTIA core certifications serve as a base for obtaining advanced-level certifications.

Infrastructure Certifications

With CompTIA infrastructure certifications, you will learn how to perform network administration and management. Under this level, you will learn how to perform server maintenance for your organization. Besides, you will also learn how to utilize various devices of network storage.

Cybersecurity Certifications

These certifications are designed for cybersecurity experts. You will be able to conduct data analysis as well as to detect and fix data risks and system threats for your organization. You will learn how to operate risk detection tools and protect your network systems and different applications for your organization.

Additional Professional Certifications

There are a few certifications that cannot be considered as the core of either of the professional CompTIA tracks mentioned earlier. Therefore, such select certifications have been put together in a separate category.

A detailed description of the CompTIA certifications is given below:

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is an elementary-level certification specially designed for aspiring IT professionals who want to acquire a deep understanding of hardware fundamentals, setting up different software, detection of systems threats and network management operations. This certification serves as a gateway for gaining more advanced-level CompTIA certification training.

CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification is also an entry-level certification. It is usually preferred by those IT technicians who want to manage network support in their IT department. In this course, you will learn about hardware basics, network security, and installation of different programs and efficient management of operating systems. Through this certification, you can either work as a support technician or administrator for your IT department.

CompTIA Network+

If you have some years of experience in performing networking operations for your organization, then you can directly opt for CompTIA Network+ certification instead of going for the CompTIA A+ certification.  To qualify for this certification, you need to have some working experience in network management, data security, setting, managing and troubleshooting of various network devices. With the help of this certification, you can secure the post of a network engineer or administrator.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ deals with the fundamentals of performing network security operations detection and management of system threats, cryptography, etc. Almost all of the CompTIA core level certifications do not have any prerequisites to qualify for the certifications. However, for this certification, it is recommended that you have some years of experience in performing administrative functions in your IT department. After completing this certification, you can be easily employed by organizations and work in the capacity of a security manager or administrator.


The CompTIA Linux+ certification deals with Linux based networking. Through Linux+ certification, you can develop the skills required to perform Linux server management and administration. To qualify for this certification, you need to have a minimum of one year of experience of performing network administration. There are no particular prerequisites to be eligible for this certification. However, it is better if you obtain the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications first. This CompTIA certification training will help you to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ easily, and you will be able to clear the exam in the first attempt. This certification is ideal for you if you want to be employed as a security network administrator.

CompTIA Cloud+

As more and more business organizations are migrating to cloud computing to manage their data, the demand for cloud experts has increased to a great extent. By obtaining this certification, you can get your skills validated as a cloud professional. This certification is specially designed for those professionals who possess sound knowledge of data storage and its management.

After the completion of this certification, you will be able to establish cloud solutions in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments. If you want to join an organization and contribute as a cloud developer or system administrator, then you should opt for this certification.

CompTIA Server+

The CompTIA Server+ certification focuses on professionals engaged in server administration with an experience of up to two years in server software as well as hardware technologies. To obtain this certification, you are required to clear a single examination, namely, the SK0-004.


Since cyber threats are increasing day by day, it has become important for business enterprises to invest heavily in cybersecurity. As a result, the demand for security professionals is also increasing.

With the help of the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst CySA+ certification, you will be able to detect and fix various data risks and system threats using different tools and technologies. You will also be able to plan different strategies and solutions to overcome these threats.

CompTIA offers the CySA+ which acts like a linking certificate placed in the midway of the Advanced Security Practitioner Certification (CASP) which is of master-level and the Security+ certificate. The former requires 10 years of experience, while the latter needs at least two years of experience as a prerequisite. To obtain a CySA+ certification, applicants are required to clear a practical examination.


CASP+ certification is for those security experts who are responsible for creating and implementing security solutions in the organization. Since this is an advanced level certification, it is advisable that you clear the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications before opting for this certification. To obtain this certification, you are also required to have at least 10 years of experience in performing administrative tasks in the IT department as well as five years of experience in security management. This certification is helpful and facilitate you in securing a job as a cybersecurity professional and architect.

CompTIA Project+

Obtaining Project+ certification is a great way to develop the necessary skillset for project management. If you aspire to become a project manager for your organization, then this credential can validate your skills and credibility to manage different projects and complete them promptly.

The CompTIA Cloud

Essentials certification is for those professionals who wish to gain in-depth knowledge about cloud fundamentals. In this course, you are not limited to only a specific area of cloud computing that can help you perform a specific role in your organization. This course helps you cover all the technicalities required to shift the operations of an enterprise to the cloud.


Upon obtaining the CCT+ certification, you will be considered as an outstanding instructor. This certification authenticates your abilities as a trainer, enabling you to plan and deliver lectures in real and virtual classrooms, conduct practice activities and assessments as well as hold examinations. This certification verifies that you are a capable trainer with all the necessary skills required to deliver and assess teaching sessions, empowering you to be able to teach with confidence and self-assurance.


It is advisable to browse through CompTIA’s website for more information about the certifications available in your area of interest. You will be shown a comprehensive list of certifications to give emphasis to.

It is so because CompTIA certifications do not pay attention to merely an individual skillset (for instance virtualization or security). CompTIA certifications facilitate trainees to contribute to their organizations via a vast array of professional capacities, based upon their expertise, experience, and passion.

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