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Compression stockings: Why should I use these in 2021?

Compression stockings are used to improve blood circulation in the legs. Its purpose is to apply gentle pressure so that the blood circulates upwards to avoid swelling or clots due to injury or surgery. A large number of people suffer from these problems and find an effective solution with this product.

Compression stockings

But they are also used to improve sports performance and prevent injuries. In this article we will see what they are used for, the types of compression stockings out there, the different uses we can give them, how to put them on and how to maintain them.

What are compression stockings?

Since about a quarter of a century ago, compression stockings that until then were only used to help people with circulatory problems, such as varicose veins, have gotten into a variety of sports. They are articles that exert gentle pressure on the muscles and significantly improve venous return. They are used in sports such as athletics, gymnastics, cycling, triathlon and in general in any demanding leg muscle discipline. It’s already common to see professionals wearing these compression stockings, but the same is true for amateur athletes. Lately they have become very fashionable among runners.

Why do I need compression stockings?

If you are an athlete, you have to pay attention to every detail to get the most of your abilities. This is achieved with proper nutrition, proper planning and the right sports equipment. In the case of compression stockings, better oxygenation of the tissues guarantees better performance.

  • They improve stamina. Our oxygen consumption is lower with better blood flow. This increases stamina and thus we increase our performance.
  • Reduce muscle pain. Our tissues are more nourished as venous return accelerates.
  • Faster recovery. There are compression stockings for after exercise. They reduce inflammation and drain waste, while also preserving the aforementioned effects of these support socks worn during exercise.
  • The muscles are supported and do not pull on the tendons, which is especially appreciated by people with tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.
  • They prevent heat loss. Important in winter, when it is cold and a lot of rain, elements that cause muscle problems.

How can I make my compression stockings last longer?

Compression stockings generally have no durability issues. Still, we have to handle them with care to extend their life as much as possible and to keep them in good condition. The stockings are best washed by hand at thirty degrees. No fabric softener is needed; a fine detergent is allowed.

The compression stockings should also be rinsed well, and then rolled in a towel to remove excess moisture. It is also wise not to let the stockings dry on the heating or in the sun. Finally, the use of chemical stain removers is not recommended.

How do I put compression stockings on?

Putting on compression stockings is not very complicated, even if it seems so, as long as we know a trick. We can find a number of examples on the internet, it is a matter of searching on google or youtube. Here we are going to try to explain it as simply as possible:

  • Turn the stocking over.
  • Place the stocking with the bottom opening at ankle height.
  • Take the top opening and extend it below the knee.
  • If you want to remove the stocking, you have to reverse the process.

We have already seen how important compression stockings are for many purposes. The most important of these is health, and they were originally designed to combat circulatory disorders. Over time, they were also increasingly used by people who suffer from the effects of long hours at work or while traveling.

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