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Comparium—The Best Cross Browser Testing Tool

Cross browsing is quite popular amongst coders and developers. It just shows that you verify how your site will seem or behave all over multiple browsers. Sometimes, browsers may misunderstand the code written on your website, thereby providing your audience with a difficult time while they surf through your site. This is the time when Comparium comes into the picture. The tool assists you do it all with just one click. Here is a detailed review of the tool to help you know it better.

Comparium—The Best Cross Browser Testing Tool

What is Comparium?

Amongst the plethora of different cross browsing testing software, Comparium stands apart due to some of its specific features. The tool is produced by Electronic Team, which more than 15 years of experience in the field of technology products. Comparium has millions of satisfied users who have been assisted a lot when used this tool.

Comparium is well-matched with most of the traditional OS, such as Linux, iOS, and Windows operating systems. This tool is employed to lure in mass users via a trial version free of cost. Hence, Comparium is considered as the best cross browser testing tool among the users.

Comparium has been upgraded a number of times since its launch. The tool has come out with the spirit of brand new editions. The newest edition of Comparium is well-matched with all the well-known OS such as Windows, iOS, and Ubuntu. The broadly well-liked browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are accessible in this initial edition.

Major Attraction of Comparium

Here are some major points that make Comparium well-liked among users.

Supports different browsers

Comparium shows support for all the modern and latest web browsers. With the present version of the tool, users are capable of performing web browser testing on different operating systems and browsers of their choice. In addition to this, users will also be capable of performing visual compatibility testing easily.

Supports different platforms

Comparium shows support for all primary operating systems such as Windows 7, 10, Mac OS High Sierra, X Mojave, and Linux. Now, users can also perform cross browser testing on any platform.

Offline Report

Using Comparium, users do not require waiting for the web page’s screenshots. All you require is to just add your URL and mail address. After the procedure is done, a bunch of screenshots will be transferred to you via your email. This makes screenshot web testing an easy process.

Other features of Comparium

  • Below are a few major factors that will force you to use Comparium.
  • Using Comparium, users get compatibility all over different browsers and its variants.
  • The UI of the tool is fast as well as simple.


If you are creating a website then it is highly suggested to use Comparium as your tool for cross browser testing. In fact, Comparium seems to be an outstanding tool for all web creators and developers. The present version of the tool is available for downloading at no cost. Hence, it is better for all those who are seeking to test their sites in a restricted budget.

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