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Common Repairs Your Smartphone Might Need

There’s a big chance that your smartphone might be one of the most important possessions that you have.

Even if you aren’t glued to it all the time, have a think about it.

You probably never (or at the most, rarely) leave the house without it. If you misplace it, you panic. You use it for so much more than making phone calls. It’s for texting, for photos, for social media, for googling the answer to any and every question you have. There is a reason we love our mobile phones.

Common Repairs Your Smartphone

Over time, smartphones have become more durable, with stronger materials and features such as waterproof technology, meaning that some of the things that used to cause damage to your phone aren’t as much of concern these days.

However, no technology is foolproof – especially something that is used as much as a smartphone.

And, unfortunately, while there have been some amazing advancements that have helped our phones escape some damage, the reality is, there are still so many ways your phone might end up getting damaged.

Today, our friends at Fone Teknician are going to tell us about some of the most common phone repairs they see every day!

But first, let’s talk about why you should think about getting your phone repaired rather than replaced!

Why choose to have your phone repaired?

So, you’re in the situation we all dread – your mobile phone isn’t working properly. Whether you caused damage to it by accident, or it has stopped working for some reason, as tempting as it is to go out and buy a nice and shiny newbie, there are plenty of reasons to repair rather than replace!

· Avoid the hassle of having to set up a new phone

While advances in tech have made setting up a new phone significantly easier than the old days of having to literally type all of the info you had in your phone into your new one back in the day, it’s still a pain having to set up a new phone and making sure you get it right. With a phone repair, you can avoid this, in almost every situation, all of your data will still be available to you and your phone will be working like new!

· Repairs are a lot faster and easier than you think

You probably have the thought in your mind that getting your phone repaired is going to take forever, and that’s because with some phone repair businesses it does. But we’re not all like that. You see, a lot of phone repairs can be quite quick, we even wrap up some repairs in only 15 minutes. Of course, it depends on the damage and repair required, but with our service, we do it right there in front of you!

· Repairs can make your phone feel brand new and restore its capabilities

Like we said, the allure of a new phone is tempting, you’re going to get something that works faster and better than before, right? Well, the reality is, many of our repair services can make your phone feel brand new again – without having to fork out for a new phone – which leads us to our next point.

· Repairs will be cheaper than buying a new phone

We all want to save money, and smartphones are not cheap. But you know what is? Getting a phone repaired. It’s a lot more affordable and cost effective. The cost of your phone repair will depend on the damage, the time and parts required for the repair and the model of phone that you have, but ultimately, unless you’re planning to downgrade your phone quite a lot, fixing your smartphone is very affordable compared to buying a new one.

· It’s environmentally friendly to repair rather than consume

We all want to live a little more sustainably and choosing to repair your device rather than replace is one way that you can reduce your environmental footprint. We all know that as a society we consume a lot and we contribute a lot to landfill, so why not try to reduce our rubbish and choose repairs!

So, now that you know some of the reasons why you should get your phone repaired instead of buying a new one, let’s talk about these repairs.

Why you might need to get your smartphone repaired

A Broken Screen

While we all (well, most of us) take steps to protect our phone by using phone screen protectors and phone cases, the screen is one of the most commonly broken or damaged parts of mobile phones.

Usually made of glass, the screen is a little vulnerable and can experience damage in a variety of ways.

Some of the most common ways phone screens break, in our experience, are:

  • Dropped the phone on a hard surface
  • Sat on the phone and bent the screen
  • Dropped the phone without a screen protector and severely scratched it

If you have a small scratch on your phone screen, it’s not really a cause for concern, however if the scratch looks deep, it could potentially turn into a crack. If your phone is cracked, shattered, and quite obviously broken, getting it repaired is the wise thing to do.

If you don’t repair your phone, you run the risk of cutting yourself, having liquid or dust seep into the cracks and affecting how your phone works, and you phone just might be a bit difficult to use in its broken state.

A screen repair usually involves replacing the glass and is a straightforward and simple repair!

A damaged charging port

Is there anything more frustrating than realising that your phone that has been plugged in all night hasn’t charged at all?

Sometimes this might be because of your actual charger, but sometimes it can also be because the actual charging port is not working properly.

You can test this out by trying multiple chargers on your phone. If none of them are working, there is a high chance it is a charging port issue. You might occasionally be able to tell that your port is damaged when you plug your charger in, and it is a bit resistant in going in properly.

This damage can be caused by debris ending up in your charging port or by using low quality charger cords that have damaged the charging port, and sometimes it might be caused by a hard drop that has caused the port to come loose.

We know how tempting this sort of issue can make buying a new phone, however, a charging port is actually something that can almost always be repaired. Before you throw in the towel and grab a new phone, get in touch with a phone repair technician first!

A Camera Problem

So, most of us have replaced any cameras we once had with our smartphones, right? With advances in technology, the camera in a smartphone is almost better than other cameras – well at least for people who are photographers that is.

So, when your smartphones camera isn’t working properly it’s definitely frustrating.

Most smartphones these days have a front camera and a rear camera, and unfortunately, both types are easily damaged.

Sometimes the camera issue might be technological, however this is usually rare. Occasionally the camera itself might come loose, that’s if you drop your phone pretty hard, but this is also unlikely. In most instances, the camera lens becomes damaged – either scratched or cracked. This impacts the quality of your photos, making them blurry, distorted or even missing portions of the pictures.

Luckily, this repair is a relatively straightforward one that is also usually quite affordable as well. Definitely not a reason to get a new phone instead of repairing it.

Fix Your Phone with a Professional

As you can see, phone damage can happen in a variety of different ways and for a number of different reasons. The good news is that many of the things that can happen to your phone can actually be fixed – well, with a little professional help that is. If you’re looking for a phone repair Sydney specialist, give us a call here at Fone Teknician – we can help you today!

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