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Common Pieces Of Equipment Used In Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a specialized form of treatment that focuses on the rehabilitation and prevention of movement disorders and injuries. The goal of physical therapy is to help patients achieve maximum function, restore lost range of motion, and reduce pain. Physical therapists use various pieces of equipment to provide patients with the best results possible, including manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilization, in addition to exercise regimens designed to strengthen muscles and improve coordination.

Common Pieces Of Equipment Used In Physical Therapy

Level Bar

The Level Bar is a tool that can be used to help with posture, as well as balance and core strength. It comes in various sizes and is sometimes made of metal or plastic. The level bar may also be used for flexibility exercises by stretching over it or using it to support yourself while doing yoga poses.


A treadmill is a piece of equipment that can be used for lower-body exercise. This means it can help you work out your legs, hips, and ankles. Treadmills are commonly used to help patients with knee or hip problems increase their strength and endurance. Treadmills like this perturbation treadmill can also be used as a mode of locomotion if the patient has trouble walking due to an ankle injury or hip injury.

Weighted Vest

The weighted vests, most often used in physical therapy to increase the intensity of an aerobic workout, can be worn during lower body training as well.

Weighted vests can also help strengthen muscles and improve balance. The weight of the vest will challenge your core muscles in ways you never knew they could be challenged.


Chairs are a common piece of physical therapy equipment and can be used for several different things. For example, chairs may be used to help patients get in and out of bed or to assist them with sitting down.

There are many different types of chairs that can be used for therapy. Some examples include:

  • Rolling chairs – these are typically used by patients who need assistance getting in and out of bed as well as during therapy sessions; they allow the patient to roll around on wheels without having to propel themselves with their legs or arms, which is often difficult or painful due to injury or muscle weakness associated with disease processes like cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2).
  • Transferring devices – these provide support while moving between sitting positions (such as when going from sitting upright in bed into lying down position) or across surfaces such as floors/carpets.*


A bed is used to treat a variety of injuries, from difficulty walking and breathing to carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders. A physical therapist can use a bed for many different purposes, including:

  • To support the patient’s body during treatment to reduce pain or discomfort
  • As part of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients recovering from surgery
  • To provide support for patients who are having difficulty standing up or sitting down

Balance board

A balance board is another piece of equipment that you may or may not have seen before. This device is a flat board with rounded edges and a large, concave surface. It looks like something you might see in an office building or at the mall, but it has many practical uses as well. Many physical therapists will use balance boards during therapy because they help build strength and improve coordination in your ankles, knees, and hips.

In general, terms, using a balance board trains you to keep your center of gravity stable while moving around in different directions on one foot the same time as controlling movement with arms and hands for balance control purposes so that when body parts move without warning (such as standing up), you can quickly react accordingly by keeping yourself upright instead of falling over due to disorganization caused by poor control over those limbs while walking around normally under normal conditions

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are a great tool for any physical therapy program because they are used to improve upper-body strength, core stability, and balance. Medicine balls come in various sizes and weights that can be adjusted as the patient’s ability improves.

Medicine balls can be used in a variety of exercises, including chest passes, overhead throws, and rotational movements.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are an important piece of equipment used in physical therapy. Ankle weights are typically used to improve strength and balance. They can be used for ankle exercises or walking, depending on the person’s needs. People who have injuries such as ankle sprains may find them useful as well because they allow you to strengthen your muscles without putting any strain on your joints or ligaments.

Common Pieces Of Equipment Used In Physical Therapy

There are a few pieces of equipment that we use in our practice. These include:

  • Level bar- The level bar is used to help patients regain their balance and posture. It has four wheels on the bottom, which makes it easy to move around.
  • Chair- This piece of equipment allows patients to sit up straight while they work on strengthening their core muscles. It also helps them learn how to sit without leaning backward or forwards, and how to keep their feet flat on the floor when sitting down.
  • Bed- The bed lets you stretch out completely, so it’s great for people with limited mobility who need extra help getting into certain positions (or just want a comfortable place where they can relax).


In conclusion, there are many types of equipment used in physical therapy. Some equipment is used for strengthening muscles, and others help with balance or mobility issues. With so many options available to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one might work best for you or your loved ones. If you are looking into purchasing new pieces of equipment, then we highly recommend speaking with a professional like this Auckland physiotherapy team who knows what they’re doing before making any decisions!

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