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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Installing CCTV Cameras

Having CCTV cameras in your property help prevent crime or helps in partially alleviating the effects. Anyhow, you need to install them properly to improve security. London is one of the cities in the world that has a lot of cameras. A CCTV camera makes you feel safe but if they are not properly installed then your security is at risk. If you are living in Dubai then having a CCTV in your property is compulsory. Dahua CCTV Distributor is one of the companies providing high-quality cameras in Dubai.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Installing CCTV Cameras

When we talk about proper installation that does not mean the right place but how you place it and how is it connected to the rest of the security systems. In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes to avoid while installing CCTV cameras.

Ignoring Environmental Factors

One of the first mistakes that you made is to ignore the environmental factors in the area. Many people ignore the ambient light level which can result in undecipherable footage. Other factors include humidity, vibration, and dust. Because these factors can affect the life of a camera and can damage the cables, and storage media. Another thing that can affect is the distance of the cables which can cause interference.

While installing cameras, you need to keep these factors in mind. Also, you need to keep the low lighting conditions and electrical interference while installing indoors. Most of the people ignore this because the companies indoors are air-conditioned.

Ignoring the Storage and Monitoring Area

If you need people for constant monitoring then the monitoring area should be secure. The access of the room should be strictly controlled so any unauthorized person cannot access the room. Moreover, make sure that the room has enough lighting and ventilation to control the temperature. As the equipment in the room can generate a lot of heat.

Moreover, the recorded videos should be stored in a secure location because businesses are responsible for the security footage.

IT Infrastructure and CCTV

CCTV and IT infrastructure are two different things and should be treated so. Many enterprises where these things are separate does not talk about treating them separately. The installing of the CCTV equipment should be done separately from the rest of the office network. Moreover, the maintenance and servicing contracts can put a lot of financial strain on the organization. However, many companies provide integrated design services.

You also need to install high-quality cameras. One of the places in Dubai to buy those is CCTV Security Dubai. They also provide CCTV installation and maintenance services.

Balance b/w Maintenance and Security

A good quality camera is designed to last longer if properly installed and maintained. Most of the cameras are replaced due to new advanced cameras not because they are broken. However, these cameras need regular maintenance to work properly. Installing cameras cost money so focus on long-term investment. You need to make sure that they are easily accessible and can be repaired when needed.

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