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Encrypted Messenger: Best 5 Services

Regularly we interact with other people using instant messengers. We transfer texts, exchange media attachments, voice and recordings, payment info.  Accidentally, modern chatrooms are not protected. Messengers lawfully monitor your actions, have access to your texts, and ever calls. Most people don’t realize this when admitting the Terms of use and allow access to a device’s microphone. Regarding constant data leakage cases that occurred the previous year, encrypted messengers are gaining more active users who strive to beat web espionage.

How to pick an encrypted messenger? Investigate the best 5 communication apps and use one or several you like!

Encrypted messenger – choose it from the TOP:

Each of these messengers will improve your online freedom and decrease the risk of data leakage.

#1 Utopia

Encrypted Messenger

uMessenger is a domestic messenger of the Utopia P2P environment. The robust ecosystem is encrypted and unites various instruments joining the messenger. You can send encrypted emails, use protected web browser and wallet, and mine coin just using the network. Why does the audience follow Utopia, picking it over social networks and other chat rooms?

  • Superior encryption. Elliptic Curve 25519 and 256-bit AES are the most advanced countersurveillance mechanism. The security covers all actions and data warehouses.
  • Utopia never asks for your ID, phone number, emails. An individual code identifies users alternatively to a nickname.
  • Elimination of a central server lessens cyber attacks, sided intrusions, texts, and files shifts between a sender and a recipient exclusively.
  • Activate the Mining tool, and tokens replenish your balance regularly – up to 4 times an hour.

This communication app supports multi-player games and entertaining stickers. Start your protected online life right now!

#2 Signal

Encrypted Messenger

Signal invented a pioneering mechanism later added to different communication tools. Many popular messengers are Signal-based. The technology uses encryption for the data you send in various means: texts, sound, media files.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you remembered that numerous chats use Signal tech. For this reason, a possibility that a security breach takes place is relatively higher. That is why we suggest you talk using an incognito mode or disappearing chat. Group conversations are guarded via encryption, also. The chat is decentralized.

Although  Signal requires that an app is connected to a phone number, so the anonymity within this app is questionable. If hiding your persona is essential for you, better use other options from the list though Signal guarantees the necessary security level.

#3 Dust

Encrypted MessengerDust is an encrypted chatting space, including a network for internal coin circulation. Dusters obtain tokens for useful actions and transfer money among other users. Contributions of the content are usually renumerated – people are to share authentic pics and texts beneficial for other Dust users. Although, the community uses penalties if members violate the declared rules. Namely, the price of the domestic token raises as a fine. The bonuses and extraordinary engagement are changing Dust from a simplistic messenger to a community.

The chatting itself is much Snapchat-similar –  the distributed files self-disappear as long a recipient reads. Nevertheless, the sound perk is that this chat is app-agnostic. The innovation means that users communicate across different messengers, despite the app they apply. Thus, you can message from Dust to Telegram. Furthermore, Dusters receive notifications if someone has taken a screenshot of a dialog.

#4 Threema

Encrypted Messenger

Threema is an end-to-end encrypted chatting space accessible for computers and phones. Users’ ID is hidden as they never mention real names, email, don’t connect numbers. Fundamentally, Threema employs encryption for group dialogs and voice chats by design.

Threema devs guarantee that the app never intrudes on your privacy. The messenger developers and team members can’t reach your data, metafiles, and don’t monitor location. Remember that texts disappear following the receiver views it once.

Surely, this communication app is totally a catch for the Mozilla active users. The synchronization of the web version and the web searcher is absolutely advantageous. The attachment occurs through a QR-code. Install Threema and feel secure


Encrypted Messenger

E-chat is a chat room written on Ethereum technology. The app spreads internal coins that make local movements swift. Also, the opt-in crypto wallet carries extra than in-house transfers making E-chat a multi-purpose tool.

This chat scores five stars owing to the outstanding tool helping to organize voice group conversations that are encrypted. These chats are attaching up to ten participants. Users can interact via voice-only or video connections. Additionally, E-chat spurs media proliferation across the community. It encourages influencers to share stories, news, pics in payment of coins. Share IG-like Moments, and other users highlight your media with real money alternatively to virtual likes.

The final thought

All in all, the encrypted messengers listed in this review are deserving of downloading thanks to one-of-a-kind tools, enhanced privacy, and anti-hacking algorithms. Whenever you choose an encoded multi-functional toolkit or an engaging community, your data, location, and thoughts are inaccessible for unwanted parties. Feel safe on the web!

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