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Common Hidden Home Dangers

All people feel safe when at home as it is a refuge against world dangers. Unfortunately, the truth is that our home is equally hazardous as all in an open setting. We need to all be aware of the fact that around one quarter of injuries do require hospitalization.

Common Hidden Home Dangers

Homeowners are often aware of many dangers. For instance, when you visit site options online, you quickly learn how important it is to install gutter guards. You know that you need to install safety lights and much more. However, what is not taken into account is usually what hurts us more often. The common examples of hidden home dangers are common and you should be prepared for them.


One of the leading hospitalization causes is the common accidental fall. Many of the falls are attributed to the elderly and young children. Even so, falls are also dangerous for adults and teens. Many of the accidental falls simply happen because of having insufficient lighting. Toilets and bathrooms are high-risk areas because of water being collected on surfaces that are smooth. This makes everything slippery.

You want to be sure that absolutely all rugs are secured, just like balconies and windows. Wearing socks is better than being barefoot and removing clutter is something that you should do.


Over 90% of the fire-related deaths happen inside homes. Up to 50% of the home fire fatalities are normally linked to not having smoke alarms and not having an escape plan in place. Besides these, other fire hazards can appear. Clutter should be removed, especially the kind that is flammable, like papers and boxes. These make fires spread really fast and will block potential escape routes.

Remember that fire safety plans will save lives. You should have them in place and you need to do what is needed in order to avoid them.


With fire-related fatalities, smoke inhalation is usually the cause. However, this can happen even when there is no smoke present. A really fatal and dangerous gas is CO (carbon monoxide). This is the natural byproduct of fossil fuel burning. It is invisible, flavorless and odorless. If too much CO is breathed in, dizziness can appear, quickly followed by becoming unconscious. People that are left in carbon monoxide rich environments quickly die because of asphyxiation. You should have CO detectors inside the home.

Choking – Strangulation

We do not want to think about this but children are the common victims of airway obstruction and choking. At the same time, people of absolutely all ages are faced with a danger of choking. This is especially the case when you eat food in ways that are unsafe and when you prepare the foods.

The food that is not cut into really small bites, like snack foods eaten as a handful, will block the breathing passages. Foods that have some textures, like those that are overly chewy or dry, are a threat. Whenever you eat you want to take smaller bites and you want to slowly chew. Make sure that you have something to drink handy and try to reduce alcohol consumption since it increases choking risks.

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