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Choosing between Node.js and Ruby on Rails in 2024

In 2024, Node.js and Ruby on Rails still stand out as prominent solutions in web development. Choosing between them can be challenging, as both are capable of supporting complex web applications, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore which option might be most suitable.

Choosing between Node.js and Ruby on Rails in 2024

Node.js quick intro

Node.js is used for building powerful server-side applications. The open-source runtime environment is super flexible and convenient to work on. This solution is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, enabling the code execution outside a web browser. If you need a scalable real-time application that has to handle vast amounts of data and run on different devices, then Node.js is a perfect match thanks to its non-blocking input-output model. Another advantage of Node.js is the ability to build the whole project by using one programming language. Node.js was chosen by eBay, PayPal, Walmart, LinkedIn, Uber, Microsoft, New York Times.

Node.js Pros

  • Ultra high performance speed.
  • Efficient underlying libraries that are responsible for non-blocking income/outcome processing.
  • Applications client and the server-side operating in the same language.
  • Node.js is a full-stack, so you get the whole package.
  • Highly sought-after with strong market demand.

Node.js Cons

  • Not a simple task to find skilled developers as Node.js is still a new runtime environment.
  • As API is unstable and you must be ready to apply changes to the codebase after the new release is made.
  • Development process is not fast.

Ruby on Rails quick intro

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source web development framework written in Ruby. It is a robust server-side MVC framework that provides developers with default conventions over configuration with no need to work on the boilerplate code. This allows programmers to focus on the features and the logic of the future app rather than coding. As a result, apps are built fast and with fewer risks. Today this framework is used by Airbnb, GitHub, Couchsurfing, Dribble, and over 500 thousands other websites.

Ruby on Rails Pros

  • Offers lots of IDE opportunities enhancing productivity.
  • Big developers community.
  • Powerful and easy programming language.
  • Easy database migrations thanks to the particular ActiveRecord module.
  • Many free gems plugins that provide additional functionalities for apps.
  • Fast and money saving development.

Ruby on Rails Cons

  • Can be tricky with big-scale projects.
  • May be difficult to find good documentation.
  • Less flexible and scalable.
  • Demanding in terms of computing resources.
  • Slow performance.

So, Ruby on Rails or Node.js?

So, who won in this battle? It seems that it is a tie. Each technology comes with unique approaches and excellent features. Besides, both Node.js and Ruby on Rails have got some drawbacks that need to be taken into account.

When to pick Node.js

Node.js is the perfect match, when an application is real-time and requires processing many concurrent connections, demands fast page load and intense input-output operations, such as a gaming app. It can also be used for building mobile and desktop development. Besides, Node.js provides easy-to-use tools for APIs creating.

When to pick Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an ideal choice if you’re working within constraints of time and budget, enabling developers to work swiftly. It’s particularly well-suited for handling databases with heavy workloads, providing all essential libraries and modules. Rails simplifies website development by adhering to a structured framework that prioritizes convention over configuration. When real-time functionality isn’t a requirement, Ruby on Rails emerges as a strong option.

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