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Cheap Wine Delivery in Singapore

As well as being famous for its delicious food, amazing culture and unique architecture, wine is one of Singapore’s biggest imports. There are tons of different wines to choose from, but it can sometimes be difficult to acquire alcohol in Singapore without paying a high delivery cost as well. Luckily, there are some cheap wine delivery options in Singapore and this is the ultimate guide to them.

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Deliveroo is an international food delivery company, who will sell you bundles of alcohol in Singapore (as opposed to other countries where you buy food with your drinks). Delivery is fairly cheap, costing $3.99. The company takes its alcohol from a selection of specialised wine companies, like Wine Connection, rather than just picking up the booze from the local supermarket, so it is relatively good quality. They do sell cheap alcohol, however, most of their prices are in the $50 region. But if you are looking for cheap delivery and quality alcohol, then Deliveroo is the service for you!

Food Panda

Unlike Deliveroo, Food Panda sells its wine at much cheaper prices of around $25 per bottle. Additionally, the delivery is completely free (with a minimum spend of $10), giving it a big advantage over other companies. As well as all that, Food Panda can deliver the alcohol in between 15-45 minutes, making it cheap and speedy.

The disadvantage comes in the quality of the alcohol. Most of their suppliers are local supermarkets, although some of their higher-priced wine is imported from specialist companies. So if you are looking for a quick, cheap service that can give you any quality alcohol, then Food Panda is the best option.

Cheap Wine Delivery in Singapore

Prime Liquor

This company is one for the people who are having a big party. They sell bundles of various party wines, as well as giving money off when a large amount of alcohol is bought at once. The quality of the wine is average, but it is quite pricy, which is why buying one of the big deals with money off is a good option. Delivery is free, however, you have to spend over $100 in one go to access this – otherwise, it is $8. But for someone who needs a large amount of alcohol and relatively quickly, this is the place to go.

Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol Delivery is the last of the cheap wine delivery companies in Singapore and is for the people who need wine late into the night. They can provide you with wine from noon until 3 am, with a one hour wait. The delivery is also free but with a minimum spend of $50, so this is not for someone who is only needing one bottle. That being said, Alcohol Delivery is not really designed for a big party, as each bottle is only sold individually, with no bundles or deals. This service offers a huge range of wines, of all qualities, prices and regions around the world. So if you are looking for an almost all-night delivery company with good wine and a range of prices, then you should choose Alcohol Delivery.

Overall, there are quite a few different wine delivery options, and some will be better suited to you, depending on your situation, taste and price range, than others. Altogether though, there are some really great wine delivery services in Singapore.

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