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How Can I Get Free Fut Coins?

Making coins in FIFA can be a challenge during the initial phase. Every FIFA player wants to build a stable and unbeatable ultimate team and improve it over time. Well, they cannot achieve this goal overnight. That’s because coins are all they need to build a reliable team, which are not that easy to earn.

How Can I Get Free Fut Coins

You have a couple of ways to increase your coins collection. If you can dedicate many hours per day to play and win FIFA matches, then you are eligible to earn coins free of cost. However, if you need coins urgently and can’t wait for a long time, then you can spend some hard cash to buy coins.

Since you are searching for free methods to make coins, we believe that you are ready to take efforts. So, here we are explaining some of the most reliable options for you.

1. Play and Win Matches in the Ultimate Team Mode:

Any skilled FIFA game player will advise you to play games. Well, this option is the easiest one among all other methods discussed below. All you have to do is play this game in online mode and win. Every match that you win against a human opponent will get you around 400 coins. If you deliver a remarkable performance during the game, then you can even get a few dozens of additional coins.

Your chances to earn coins doesn’t end here. If you win matches consistently, without losing any, then it will also shower additional significant rewards.

2. Fulfil Objectives and Weekly Challenges:

As we all know, players often get enough number of challenges and new tournaments each week. These challenges can help you obtain a decent amount of coins. So, you should always check the Ultimate team menu and look for the Tournaments section to find out what’s new during this week. Note that these tournaments are quite useful as they include a fair amount of coins in the rewards. You can make around 500 coins after you win a regular, standard match, which is not less.

3. Take Squad Building Challenges:

Well, squad building challenges, i.e. SBCs, can also be a reliable method for making coins. This method is suitable for those who are new to this game and its rules. You need to complete different challenges, and in return, you will get packs.

4. Get Qualified for FUT Champions

If you have the top playing skills, then you can accept Division Rivals or Squad Battles challenges. These challenges are essential as they can pave the way to become qualified for FUT champions. Don’t just play the games, but focus on winning them against other online players. Remember, winning a regular division rival could help you make around 400 coins, plus some additional rewards.

5. Use Coin Boost

You can further boost your coin collection with the help of a coin boost facility. You can unlock it with FCC, i.e. football club credits. Here, you need to play games, and the FCC will be unlocked. After that, you can press R3 to spend the earnings in the catalogue. Note that the coin boosts can differ a lot. For each match, you can make somewhere from 200 to 1000 coins.


As you can see, anyone can get FUT free coins without spending money. Nevertheless, all these methods look easy but are quite wearying. You may want to work relentlessly to earn a few thousand coins. Therefore, these can be the best but not the ideal methods for a newcomer. If you don’t want to spend time working on all these methods, you should get in touch with a reliable coin supplier, such as BuyFifaCoinshttps://www.buyfifacoins.com/futcoins.html.

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