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Can You Copyright An Idea Or Concept?

These days, keeping an idea to yourself is difficult. Technology and social media makes it easy for other people to find out about your idea or concept. Once they do, they could profit from your thoughts. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to protect an idea. Although you can look into copyright protection, there are some things you should know. Find out if copyright protection can help you, and learn about other options for keeping your idea safe.

Can You Copyright An Idea Or Concept

Copyright Law and Concepts

Copyright keeps an expression safe. However, it does not keep your idea safe. For instance, you can’t get a copyright for an idea for a money-saving app. The idea itself is not specific enough to fall under copyright protection. If you want security, you need specifics for the app. You could copyright a specific code, sound recording, or layout. But you can’t copyright the idea.

Therefore, someone could take your idea and use it to make their own money-saving app. A copyright could prevent them from using your code or layout, but that’s the extent of it. Unfortunately, copyright law doesn’t do much for people with a ground-breaking concept.

Determining the difference between an idea and an expression can be difficult. You can speak with a patent attorney in Orlando to determine whether or not copyright protection can help you,

Other Options

There is some good news. If you have an idea or concept, you do have other options. With one of these ways, you can keep your intellectual property safe:

1. Develop Your Idea into an Invention

If you can turn your idea into something tangible, you can seek protection through a patent. A patent allows you to own your invention and prevents anyone else from creating or selling it.

Of course, there are limitations for receiving a patent. You must have a new invention that is not obvious. You also must have a prototype or artistic renderings of your invention. If you just have some artwork for the invention, you could consider filing for a provisional patent. With the help of a patent lawyer in Orlando, you could get advice on the process.

2. Get a Trademark

If your idea is a word or design marking, you could seek trademark protection. However, much like patent protection, this involves some specifics. You need to have a firm grasp of your trademark idea and you must show that it is unique.

3. Confidentiality Agreements

To further develop your idea into something you can protect, you might want to discuss it with others. However, that can be dangerous. You should consider making your employers or colleagues sign confidentiality agreements.

If someone signs the agreement but steals your idea, you could sue them. For a successful lawsuit, you need to be able to prove that they broke the terms of the agreement.

Protecting Your Idea or Concept

Without idea protection, anyone can profit off of your thoughts. No matter how much time or work you put into the idea, it means nothing without protection. You risk losing millions of dollars in potential profit.

If you want to keep your idea safe, there’s only one good option. You should speak the Patent Professor. Our office can explain all of your options. Then, we can come up with the best strategy for protecting your idea.

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